People do business with people they like.

I know, I know, you are saying to yourself … “Well, hello Captain Obvious.”

But I was really thinking a lot about this last night. I was networking at a Cape Cod Young Professionals group and marveling at the number of people in the room who I knew and more importantly – really liked. I can’t stay out late enough to chat with everyone (well…I can, but it doesn’t make for a very fun Friday work day!)

So then I started thinking of how many of them I’d used for business purposes … and realized not enough. Shame on me.

I’d spent years helping to develop this group (along with some other awesome people) and actually, I likely have this group to thank for the sweet gig I have now.

But are we, as a group, really taking advantage of this network that we’ve built?

Are we thinking to ourselves “before I order this car insurance policy online, shouldn’t I give RogersGray Insurance a chance to quote on it?”

And more importantly – if something goes wrong – who do you want to have in your corner? Someone you know, respect, trust. Or a small green lizard?

Or to use some other examples of businesses in the group. Can I refer a company I know to a commercial lender, or a waste removal company? I’m looking to buy a house or need a will drafted…I know a Realtor and a lawyer! Oh, I could go on and on.

So I vow to use the networks I’ve built more. Because I figure you’re likely going to get something in return. A referral, a new customer, a new friend, a job or in the case of insurance – maybe a little piece of mind.

Join me?