“Land was created to provide a place for boats to visit”

Finally, the season we wait so long for has arrived! Summer is here – beach chairs are ready, sunscreen applied and the boat is in the water!

So, on this beautiful first day of summer, we thought it appropriate to discuss some boating safety tips rather than reading about one of our customers running up on a jetty (tip: don’t do that)

In Letterman-like fashion, our friends at Ace Recreational Marine Insurance have released their “Top Ten Recreational Boating Safety Tips”… some common sense, but all worth a quick read.

One thing I never thought of was the use of a CO detector in boats. Carbon Monoxide poisining can mimic the symtoms of seasickness. Shiver me timbers!

Happy sailing, motorboating or rowing this Summer! And of course, call RogersGray Insurance if you have any questions on your boat insurance.

PS. “Summah” is Mass-speak.

PPS. above quote attributed to Brooks Atkinson.

PPPS. I just can’t get over how funny the picture in this post is. Who thinks of this stuff?