My hubby and I decided the kids were finally old enough to help take care of it (HA!) and that it was time for us to be dog-owners. We wanted to adopt a dog and cute little Jellybean came into our lives through http://www.petfinder.com and Skyllers Rescue.

So far she’s chewed my dining room chair, peed on my wood floor, tripped my son, made me miss countless hours of sleep, and put on 6 pounds. Yes – I have put on 6 pounds since I got the dog because I haven’t had the time or energy to get to the gym since Jellybean arrived! But…I do love her. She’s sweet, gentle, cuddly and when she looks as me with her big brown eyes, I just melt.

She also made me buy an Umbrella Insurance policy. This was something that I had been wanting to get and just kept forgetting, but since good ol’ Jellybean joined the household, I figured I better up my liability insurance. I will say, that the most serious injury I see her inflicting on someone is a rash you may get from her licking you to much.

Our homeowners insurance covers up to $300,000 worth of liability. With my new Umbrella policy (cost me $191 bucks a year*), we are now covered up to an additional $1 million dollars should the Fedex man arrive carrying some Omaha Steaks that Jellybean just can’t resist.

I had never heard of an Umbrella Insurance policy before I started here at RogersGray Insurance. But people are sue-happy … heck, even burglars have the right to sue you if they get hurt in your house WHILE they are breaking in! (“Sic ‘em Jellybean” doesn’t sound very vicious does it?)

The likelihood of something happening at my house is slim, but I am willing to pay $191 bucks for that extra layer of protection for me, my family and my guests. Consider this – most people entering your home are the people you care about the most. If Jellybean decides to take a nip out of my nephew, you’re darn sure that I want to be able to fund whatever treatment necessary to make him all better.

So the Umbrella Insurance policy is in force and I’d say this helps me sleep at night … but we all know that you don’t sleep when you have a puppy.

Yes, I want to learn more about Umbrella

*Not all Umbrella policies are priced the same. Please inquire with your RogersGray representative for an exact quote.