Heating can be your best friend in the winter, keeping you warm in a blizzard or just a cold day. But heaters can also be extremely dangerous when used wrong or neglected. These heaters whether it is a fireplace, a wood stove, or a portable space heater cause thousands of fires every year. Make sure that you take proper action to make sure that your family isn’t in jeopardy. You wouldn’t want to have to kiss that retirement plan good bye due to an avoidable accident.

Wood Stoves and Fireplaces

Say, you are going out to buy a new wood stove or fireplace. What is something you might want to ask the salesperson that is trying to get you to buy a certain model? One question that comes to mind is whether it was approved by an acceptable testing lab. Obviously you want to have something that can be so hazardous to be tested. Make sure you ask! When you are installing it, make sure that you FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS. The directions are there for a reason. They make sure you are putting it in safely and effectively. Once you already have your wood stove or fireplace you should make sure you get it inspected on a yearly basis.

Once you get it set up correctly make sure you only burn seasoned hardwood! Make sure that sparks are contained by a metal or glass screen. Also make sure that anything flammable is away from the stove at all times. When putting out your fire, make sure you keep the damper open until the embers are cold.

Portable Space Heaters

When you are choosing your Portable Space Heater, make sure you choose one that automatically turns off if it is tipped over. When you are choosing a place to put it, make sure it is away from any materials that can burn. This includes furniture. Before you go to sleep or leave the house turn your space heater off to prevent a fire. It’s all about fire safety. Don’t use your space heater to dry your clothing.

Summing it Up

Having a Wood Stove or a Portable Space Heater is a comforting luxury, but you must be careful. You need to make sure that your heater is in a safe place and has been inspected. If you are just buying a heater for the first time, make sure it has been tested and, more importantly, approved. Following these tips can help keep you safe this winter.