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I have been writing blog posts since freshman year of high school which was 4 years ago. I have been reading blogs for even longer. Along the way I have read tons of content, mostly on Internet Business, blogging, and making money online rather than insurance. But they are helpful nonetheless. These are my top 3 favorite blogs, I hope you enjoy them too.

The Smart Passive Income Blog
The The Smart Passive Income Blog is written by Pat Flynn. Pat Flynn got started online with his LEED Exam notes blog called Green Exam Academy. With this blog he created an EBook that ended up making him a few thousand dollars within the first month! After he got laid off from his job, his focus on his Internet Business increased ten fold. He now has a few niche websites, a blog about how to start your own Internet Business, and his LEED exam notes blog. One of his most popular posting series is his Income Reports, where he posts every cent he has earned from every area of his business. His usual posting schedule is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. His posts are always filled with high quality content.

Don’t want to read content? No problem! He is also on Youtube with a ton of very informative videos on topics such as Facebook Fan Pages and Conversion Rates. He also just released his 27th episode of his podcast that is one of the top rated podcasts on blogging. This is one of his best business decisions. He offers so many different ways to consume his content! There is a way for everybody!

Internet Business Mastery
Internet Business Mastery is a blog created by Sterling and Jay. The posts they write have pretty useful tips in them, but their blog is based around The Academy. The Academy is actually called the Internet Business Mastery Academy. This Academy is a membership website that costs $67 per month. Due to the cost, I have never been able to join the academy.

I can’t fully recommend their course since I’ve never used it, but I’ve only heard great things about it. One thing I can recommend is subscribing to their podcast and downloading a few episodes. I listen to their podcast every week and have learned a lot from them this way. They are well over 100 episodes and still going strong. Their great content along with their crystal clear voices make for a great podcast. And here comes the best part. It’s free!

Mashable isn’t really a blog, but it also includes great content. It’s all fresh and high quality. They have five different main categories of content. They are split up into Social Media, Technology, Business, Entertainment, and U.S. & World. Content is added throughout the day by the writers of Mashable. There are often great tips for your business or website. Along with great ideas on how to improve your Social Media profiles. I like to check on Mashable’s new and top stories once a day or once every day. There are always great articles to recommend to your followers on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+ pages.

Wrapping it Up
Those are the three blogs that I read the most online. Although they are not insurance blogs, they give great information. Time is valuable so make sure you are only reading high quality content that has a purpose. Obviously leave time for entertaining articles that you may enjoy. But when you are looking for content to help your business make sure it is all quality.

What websites, insurance related or not, do you enjoy to read? What do you think of these blogs? Tell us below in the comments!

Have a Great Week Everyone!