Did you see the last blog post from our intern, Nick? He totally called me out for the entire internet to see by challenging me to a blog-off!

You see, Nick has been blogging for us for a few months now…everything from how to heat your house safely in the winter, blogs you should check out, and business networking. He’s learning fast, BUT has yet to surpass my highest rated blog post (and in all honesty, it’s not like it was a mind-blower) – so Nick decided that he was going to spend his second semester with us, working to “pulverize” my post! Funny kid he is…

So I was thinking about ways that I could step up my game. I’ve been slacking a bit since Nick arrived…but no more! Like I said, it’s on like Donkey Kong…he and I will be blogging away in an effort to show each other up. Good times….Good times.

But before I get into my blogging about insurance topics, I had a great experience last night with some in-person Social Networking. I spent the night at the Cape Cod Young Professionals event at a new restaurant named Red Faced Jacks. It was a good time and saw lots of familiar faces … but I also met some new ones … and ones who I had WANTED to meet no less! I love when that happens.

It reminded me that yes, it does pay off to get out of the office sometimes. This coincides with my one (I have many) of my New Years Resolutions – to create more EFFECTIVE business relationships. I think this is one I can stick to..unlike the others which mainly involved depriving myself of all things good – like chocolate!