I had one…and totally forgot it. Really, it was AWESOME and I can’t remember a thing about what I wanted to talk about. I’m not even sure it was insurance related. This does not bode well for my aging brain.

So that got me to thinking about organization. How I probably need to make that a priority in my life (clearly, huh?). I feel like good ideas for blogging, social media, marketing campaigns, insurance webinars, enewsletter postings on employee benefits etc…continually fly in my head and fly right out as soon as the next crisis happens, the phone rings or someone comes into the office with chocolate.

How do you keep organized? I’ve tried some of the suggestions that blogging “experts” have suggested. I put in my calendar a regular “Blog Article” task, complete with reminder that I promptly dismiss as soon as it pops up on my screen.

I also started just sticking my ideas in the “notes” section of my iPhone. That went the way of the exercises my former trainer told me to put in there too (which really is a problem since the above mentioned chocolate bring-ins happen all to often).

I love the “work with a team” approach. That would be so AMAZING (said with a little song in my voice) except that I can’t seem to get anyone else interested in blogging (with the exception of my intern Nick – whom I affectionatly call my “cute little intern” – which I’m sure he hates with a passion). And with a marketing & business development dept. of exactly 1.5 staff members in our insurance agency, we’re a bit understaffed and stuff is flying at us all the time.

Well, I think I’ve used enough double quotations for today…any suggestions are greatly appreciated – even if your suggestion is anti-aging games!