RogersGray recently consolidated 2 of our Plymouth offices into one, larger office in Kingston, MA. It’s a great space and our personal insurance, business insurance and employee benefits team members seem to be settling in nicely. There are lots of benefits to the location, including a beautiful scenery.

One of the unexpected perks of our move is the Kingston House of Pizza. This little place is tucked off of Route 3A in Kingston and has quickly grown to be my favorite neighborhood place. Why? Nope not because of the food (but the food is yummy), it’s because of the friendly guy that works there. I have no idea if he is the owner or not, but he never fails to put a smile on my face and the faces of all the other patrons who walk in there.

He always calls me “Miss” … and I think he may be younger than me, so that really makes me happy. Then he asks about my weekend, chats with other customers and has a demeanor so friendly, that while in Kingston, I’d be hard-pressed to order pizza, salads, subs etc…from any other local place.

Now RogersGray doesn’t have the luxury of handing out yummy pizza as our product. Our product is the safety and security you get when you purchase an insurance policy. And we know, in a lot of cases, it’s just paper. But I hope that we strive to be like the friendliest pizza guy in the neighborhood. Our insurance offices on Cape Cod and the South Shore, are staffed with kind, caring people who want to take care of you.

What’s business do you really love to frequent because of the service? I always love hearing of great places!