Gregory Deems; CRIS, DSDPDeems, Gregory
Vice President, Sales Executive, Business Insurance

What’s your favorite food and can you cook it?
I was lucky enough to be a catering chef in college so I was able to experience cooking a lot of different types of food.  I enjoy cooking.  I very rarely cook my favorite food which is chicken parmesan because as much as I enjoy cooking, I hate washing dishes.  Chicken parm creates a lot of dirty dishes!

What’s your approach to working with a new client?
My approach when working with a new client is to first make sure they are vested in the process and understand that quoting does take a commitment from them to help with the underwriting process.  From there I spend most of my time discussing the aspects of RogersGray beyond the numbers.  Access to resources and scale within those resources are a big part of what ultimately delivers premiums, however that is only a small part of your relationship with the client.  There are another 11 months of the year in which the actions of the agent and client have a great effect on the outcome.  When claims exist, mitigating those losses and keeping the carrier and client on the same page in reserves can have a big impact on the clients bottom line.  Pushing back on phony claims and expediting people on workers compensation in their return to work can have a last impact.  There are often market place, best practice, and legal changes that will impact particular segments and because I focus my attention in a narrow band of industries I am able to help stay on top of these and keep clients out in front of them.

If you were a superhero, what would your super power be?
I would love the ability to teleport myself or fly.  Spending as much time in the car sitting in traffic as I do, imagine the possibilities if you could get all of those hours back.

What are some organizations that you volunteer for?
Currently I serve the needs of several organizations on the south shore.  I am vice chair of the South Shore Young Professionals which facilitates the individual growth of the young professionals here on the Massachusetts South Shore.  The aim of the group is to keep our talented younger generations active in the community in hopes that they will develop their skills and businesses to help the communities on the south shore.  We do this through professional development, as well as a strong social aspect that helps in the work/life balance of the young professional.  I also sit on the board of the Plymouth Area Coalition for the Homeless which is an organization that helps young families develop life skills and provides temporary residence while they grow their ability to sustain their lives.  They also operate a food pantry and have several other great programs like the Children’s Holiday Fund which aids in giving children in families that might currently lack the funding to fulfill the holiday gift wishes of their kids a resource to help make it a special time.  Another organization to which I like to devote some of my time outside the office is the Friendship Home in Norwell.  This organization provides many opportunities to families with members that have developmental disabilities.  They have clubs, activities, field trips, Bridges to Work, and a Respite operation to aid those families in their needs for a happy and fulfilling life on the south shore.  They have two great fundraisers throughout the year that I try to help with: A golf tournament and an annual gala.

If you could clear up one misconception regarding the insurance industry, what would that be?
The biggest misconception regarding the insurance industry is that you are not really buying insurance from your agent.  That comes from the carrier.  Your agent is an advisor and facilitator.  It is the job of your insurance agent to help you navigate the process and give you access to the carriers and resources you need to match your risk tolerance.  Much like your lawyer or accountant, our job is to help maximize your return based on the framework of the industry and give advise based on experience and knowledge of the marketplace.

What app can you not live without?
I need all of them.  I don’t really care what they are doing.  I just need something to reign in my undiagnosed ADD and clicking through my phone gives me the temporary distraction I need to quickly get back on track.  I regularly and checking into ESPN, Facebook, Linkedin, Huffington Post, BBC, and several others for a minute here or there and then its back to the task at hand.