scamWe had a very disturbing incident happen to one of our employees recently and felt we should share this with the public.

The wife of a RogersGray employee received a text that said her husband had been in a car accident with a number to contact the person at.  She tried calling her husband, but was unable to get him on the phone.

She then received a phone call and the caller said that her husband had indeed been in an accident and had hit the caller’s cousins car.  He kept saying that the R&G employee told him to call her and for her to cooperate.

They said she needed to pay the insurance deductible to them in cash and they were holding her husband as ransom. 

Fortunately, the wife kept a cool head (despite being yelled at over and over again by this person) and told him she “needed to hang up to go talk to her boss so she could leave work”  Instead, she was able to speak with police who reassured her that it was likely a scam and to continue to try and get in touch with her husband. Our employee was just fine but was in a long meeting with his phone off (adding to the fear)

Scams are so prevalent these days.  Please be cautious when someone demands money immediately and please do not pay someone’s insurance deductible in cash.  If you are ever in an accident, call your agency immediately to discuss your coverage and options.