michael robinson_rogersgrayinsuranceMichael Robinson
Chairman of the Board

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I can’t say that I knew what I wanted to be growing up. I do know that I wanted to follow in my father’s [Chuck Robinson] footsteps, but didn’t think it would be in the insurance business. Looking up to him over the years made me certain, that I wanted to be in business, involved in my community, and do my best to be a good husband and father. Little did I know how tremendously rewarding the insurance agency business could be. I value the relationships I have developed within the industry, with our great clients and employees.

What are some organizations that you volunteer for? 
Over the years, I have volunteered my time to a number of organizations including:  Cape Cod YMCA, the Cape Cod Foundation, the Cape Playhouse, Hyannis Chamber of Commerce, Partners Healthcare, and the Rotary Club of Harwich/Dennis. Currently, I serve as the chairman of the advisory board at A Baby Center, and I am a co-founder of the Cape Cod Young Professionals and continue to volunteer my time to that organization.

What’s your favorite local activity to do?
My favorite local activity is to spend the day with my family at Crowe’s Pasture beach in Dennis.  The Cape is a wonderful place to live and there is nothing that makes me appreciate the beauty of the local area and how lucky we are, than spending a day there with my wife and two daughters.

Do you have any favorite stories from your work life?
Within a month after joining RogersGray, I had a fire in my home. I lost everything that I owned, and was very lucky to get out alive. I have always been one who believes that things happen for a reason. Looking back, this incident helped shape my career and develop my passion for the business. It changed my own perception of what we provide to our clients and made me realize as I entered the insurance industry, how important it is.

What app can you not live without? 
I would have a hard time living without a lot of apps!  I find little time to watch TV so get most of my information through my phone on business, news, and sports apps.

If you could clear up one misconception regarding the insurance industry, what would that be?
The insurance industry seems to have a negative connotation whenever brought up in discussion. Insurance is a “necessary evil” or “insurance is boring” are comments that I often hear. Though reading an insurance policy may not make for the most exciting afternoon, there are many different sides of our job that make it such a great career. The relationships that you develop and the trust that our clients put in us is tremendously rewarding. One of the most important components of our job is paying claims and providing the proper protection to our clients. When we get involved in helping a client rebuild or working through an issue where they have coverage to protect their personal or business assets, there is no better feeling professionally.