Craig Mancusi, rogers gray personal insuranceCraig Mancusi
Sales Executive, Personal Insurance

What brought you to RogersGray, and why have you stayed?
Before joining RogersGray I worked as a Relocation Consultant for my family’s business, a moving company. I enjoyed the work and being able to work with my family, but eventually I felt I needed a career change. It turns out, finding out my wife was pregnant with our daughter was the push I needed. At a local networking event I ended up having a conversation with some current R&G employees and they had nothing but great things to say about the agency and the culture of the company, so I took the plunge and was able to join the R&G team. Now, after being a part of the company for nearly two years, I can say that it is very easy to stay with RogersGray. There are several factors that go into making RogersGray a great place to be everyday… the positive work environment, the opportunity for professional growth and my fellow co-workers are just a few of the upsides.

What’s your favorite food and can you cook it?
My favorite food, hands-down, is homemade pasta and gravy (for those that aren’t Italian, gravy = spaghetti sauce). Sometimes my father and I will spend an entire day making homemade pasta and gravy.

What’s your approach to working with a new client?
When working with a new client I like to take a consultative approach. I tend to focus on ensuring that the client is adequately covered for all of their exposures rather than basing things on the figure on the “pricetag.” This is particularly important in the world of Personal Insurance when you’re dealing with all of a client’s personal effects and valuable possessions.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
For some reason, growing up as a child I always wanted to be a Firefighter. I’m not sure when it happened, but I definitely chose a different route.

What’s the #1 tip you’d give to your clients?
The number one tip I give my clients is to use myself and RogersGray as a resource. As an independent agent, our goal is to be available to answer any questions you may have regarding your insurance coverage as it relates to your home, auto and beyond. Ask questions and make sure you call us on any policy concerns. All RogersGray clients have a dedicated service team for whom the client has their direct phone number. We are your agency and that is what we are here for.

What’s your favorite local activity to do?
I reside in Franklin with my wife and our daughter. On weekends you can find us spending some time with family, friends and neighbors. We also enjoy walks through the center and area parks.

Craig can be contacted via LinkedIn or email.