Nommensen_DavidDave Nommensen
Assistant Vice President, Sales Executive, Personal Insurance

What is your favorite local activity to participate in?
In the summer and early fall, I enjoy diving for Lobsters off the coast around Chatham and the Nauset area.

If you could clear up one misconception regarding the insurance industry, what would that be?
Insurance is not the commodity that many consumers have been lead to believe by certain Gecko’s or a perky female in a white apron. For most people, insurance is the only thing protecting them from a total or catastrophic loss of their assets, including their home, automobile, and other prized possessions.

What is your favorite food and can you cook it?
I enjoy anything Italian, which is definitely attributed to previously owning three Italian restaurants.

What is your approach to working with a new client?
My initial approach to working with a new client is simple… Listen, listen, listen. It’s imperative that as a dedicated insurance advisor we take the time to listen to client concerns and to what is important to them in order to properly safeguard their property and family.

What was your favorite song in high school?
Anything by Led Zeppelin

What are some organizations that you volunteer for?
MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) and National Fragile X