app homescreenThe RogersGray Insurance office in Wareham recently had 2 customers who came in looking for Auto Insurance ID Cards. Massachusetts does not require drivers to carry their Auto Insurance ID Cards as proof of insurance, but other states do. The drivers who came in were both stopped in different states on road trips – one in Georgia and one in Maine – and in both cases, had they not been able to produce the cards, they would have received a fine for having no car insurance.

As your insurance agent, we can easily produce these for you. If you think you’ll be traveling out of state, it certainly can’t hurt for you to have a copy in your car or an electronic copy on your smartphone. If you’re traveling, simply contact your Client Manager and they’d be happy to send to you or submit your request here and we’ll email to you.

Our RogersGray Insurance Agency App also allows you to store your Auto Insurance ID Card electronically.  As of January of 2015, 37 states had adopted electronic proof of insurance legislation, so we do have to caution you that not all states will accept the electronic proof, but there aren’t many states left who don’t and many of them have pending legislation to allow.

Download for iPhone

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If you haven’t checked out our App, it’s pretty cool.  You can store all of your pertinent insurance information on there – password protected!


  • Accident Support: Guides you through the steps you’ll need to take as you document the accident and submit a claim
    • Automatically detects the accident date, time and location
    • Helps you collect information from drivers, passengers, witnesses, and policies
  • Insurance ID Card: Always accessible for quick reference
  • Account Information
    •  Keep and update your general information including address, phone number, email and vehicles – all under password protection!
    • Home Inventory
  • Contact RogersGray
    • Policies Requests
    • Certificate Requests
    • Quick Claim
  • Services
    • Roadside Assistance and Repair Shops
    • Nearby Towing Service, hotels and more

Let us know what you think of the App.  Would love some feedback.