Group-of-professional-millinialsWhen you think of insurance, you might picture funny talking lizards, relentless sales representatives and difficult claims adjusters. In reality, the world of insurance is much more vast (and exciting!) and there are hundreds of jobs that are vital to operations. Insurance is one of those rare industries that lets you combine your skills, talents, and interests and apply them to a wide range of careers.

Insurance is everywhere. It’s in your car, your health, your business, your neighborhood, and even the shows you watch on TV. As long as people are investing their time and money, there will be a need for insurance and the professionals who make it happen. Below we have a couple reasons why more people, particularly millennials, should be considering insurance as a career of choice. Read more to #DiscoverRG and all that insurance has to offer!

1. There is a huge shift in the workforce on the horizon.

In less than a decade, the insurance industry is set to experience a major talent drought when a large portion of baby boomers retire.

This will lead to a generational shift in the talent market and a need for fresh recruits! Recent college graduates and mid-career professionals from the health and financial-services industries should consider insurance as a viable option for their career path.

2. Insurance careers are sustainable.

People may not think of insurance as the most glamorous industry in America, but it does offer stability. Insurance is fairly recession-proof, because insurance companies tend to be fiscally conservative and everyone needs insurance whether the economy is up or down. Just as someone can’t purchase a home without proof of insurance, business owners cannot build or obtain financing for a commercial building without it.

3. There’s always a job for your skill-set.

The insurance industry has vast career options that suit many different skill sets… For example, if you have a background in finance, you could be an ideal do candidate for a risk management or underwriting position. Larger agencies and as of late, even  the smaller independent agencies are hiring for marketing, human resources and administration roles.

RogersGray offers a variety of career paths geared towards our three main business functions: service, sales and administration. Check out our Current Openings!

4. Teamwork is a “Major Key” to overall Success.

Though there may be times when you are working independently, you will ultimately be working as part of a team to achieve your unit or organization-wide objectives. Working collaboratively to identify new business opportunities, generate a solution to a problem or emerging issue, or develop a strategy to manage a potential risk effectively are just a few examples of ways you may find yourself working with your colleagues.

5. Opportunity for Career Advancement.

With so many of the industry’s employees rapidly reaching retirement age, Baby Boomers make up more than 1/3 of the industry’s work force, many filling senior positions. Insurance companies are on the lookout for all any way they can bring on train and retain the right people. Many insurance companies expect their employees to always be looking to continue their education courses to improve their personal skills and industry knowledge. RogersGray has an internal University (RGU), who’s role is dedicated to the continuing education of our new and existing employees.

We also believe that millennials can further their professional growth by volunteering or sitting on the board of local non-profits or membership organizations. The leadership and communication skills fostered in these environments often carry over to your career advancement.

6. You’ll make a difference in your local communities.

In insurance, its all about the people. Our clients, colleagues and neighbors are all integral parts of the communities in which we serve. Agencies and carriers operate within their communities and prioritize their giving to local organizations and clients for maximum impact in the communities they serve. Most will try to align their giving with their business – or let their employees choose what’s important to them and what they’re invested in.

RogersGray has made a concerted effort to identify how our giving is prioritized and we focus on two main components: our employees and our clients. This decision speaks directly to the guiding principle of our company: Do the right thing – for our people and our clients.

RogersGray is very fortunate to do business with and insure many local charities and non-profit organizations. In turn, we believe it’s our obligation to give back to them. This recent post, “The Business of Giving Back” authored by our SVP of Business Development, Lynn Mason- Small talks a bit more about this important facet of business operations.

To learn more about opportunities in insurance (and other departments!) at RogersGray, visit our Careers page!