On this day, as Hurricane Irma barrels through the Caribbean and heads to Florida and the one of the nation’s largest collector of secure data, Equifax, announced a major cybersecurity breach, it certainly does make you focus on risk preparation and planning.

Insurance is all about securing against risk. Our team here spends their days speaking to clients on all of the “what if’s”.

What if a hurricane hits my home?
What if the information we store on clients is stolen or breached?
What if I don’t buy the flood insurance?
What if I get hit by someone who doesn’t have auto-insurance?
What if someone slips and falls in my store?

The what if’s” are not fun to think about, but it’s necessary to think and plan for them because they happen all too often unfortunately.

My parents and brother are in Florida. They tell me they’re prepared, but I’m still concerned for their safety.  To that end – we’re not immune  up here in the North East, so here’s a Hurricane Prep article for you to read. Knowing what to do as a storm approaches is critical to your safety.

I also checked Equifax to see if my own personal information had been breached and unfortunately there is a chance. If you haven’t read the consumer information notice provided by Equifax, please do so!   Approximately 140 million US consumers could potentially be impacted.

Stay safe out there my friends.