There’s a growing expectation of online accessibility. As a culture, we want things here and now. Schedules, paychecks, tax forms, and a host of other life-necessities, can now be found online or with apps. From classrooms to the workplace, many important documents are now filled out and submitted online, often with an e-signature so you don’t even have to deal with the hassle of printing and scanning a signed document.

As an employer, your employees probably expect the ability to access their information online, and for that, you’ll usually need a Benefits Administration System (“BenAdmin”). BenAdmin Systems, or Online Enrollment Systems, bring this “here and now” accessibility to your workforce and make it easy for them to obtain information and utilize any benefit opportunities available to them. If your business offers employees dental, life, or any other forms of insurance, an online enrollment system can be a valuable addition to your Human Resources Department.

Usually, BenAdmin systems like this are reserved for companies with over 100 employees. But really, every business deserves the opportunity to make things more convenient, regardless of their size. With RogersGray, businesses with as few as 10 employees can take advantage of this technology.

The BenAdmin systems offered through RogersGray can streamline the enrollment experience and allow easy access for all employees, even those who may be less comfortable with technology. Employees can find the exact fit for them by using decision support tools, which can recommend benefits and plans personalized to them, and then enroll in just one click. Mobile applications as well as desktop support provide coverage details, informational videos that answer frequently asked questions, benefit breakdowns, and comprehensive statements.

To make things even more convenient, your employees can access supplemental benefits such as their FSA/HSA with prepaid cards with contributions directly tied from payroll to your vendor through the BenAdmin System. These prepaid benefits cards can be used at a pharmacy or doctor’s office, for example, when making a payment covered by benefits, saving time on claims and forms.

Interested in learning more about how your business and employees could benefit (pun-intended!) from a BenAdmin system or other available HR technology? Get in touch with us using the form below.

Jeff Bastien

Consultant | Employee Benefits

Jeff Bastien is an Employee Benefits Consultant at RogersGray Insurance. Jeff has been in the employee benefits industry for 10 years and is an expert in creating and implementing successful insurance offerings through progressive thinking and employee engagement. Jeff resides in Millbury with his wife Jennifer. You can connect with Jeff on LinkedIn or by email.