We’re all bombarded daily by insurance ads. They’re on the radio while we drive to work, on tv when we sit down to watch our favorite show, showing up when we’re scrolling through Facebook and even at the beach when a plane passes by with a waving banner in tow. A lot of these ads are entertaining, and most of them talk about all the ways the company can save you money on your auto or homeowners insurance. Unfortunately, the message that’s often conveyed is that quickly saving money is the most important thing to consider when choosing an insurance carrier.

If purchasing insurance can be done quickly with a direct carrier, what benefits do you have when working with an independent insurance agency? 

There are several advantages to working with an independent agent and insurance agencies provide a number of valuable services. The following are some of the most important:

Access to Different Carriers & Discounts
We have access to dozens of different companies and can help determine the carrier that will be the best value and fit for you and your lifestyle. We can also take advantage of a variety of available discounts.

Consultative Approach
Independent agents take the time to provide an understanding of the included coverages. We take a consultative approach to protect your most valued assets. Reading an insurance policy can be confusing, and a quality agent will write a policy that fits your needs while helping you understand what you’re actually paying for.

Policy & Coverage Review
Independent agents review their client’s premiums annually and make sure that all available discounts are applied. Without calling dozens of insurance carriers, you often don’t know if you are paying too much for your policies or if you even have adequate coverage. An agent’s knowledge will not only save you money, but will ensure that you have the best coverage available.

It’s all About the Bundle
By bundling your home, auto, life or business insurance with one agency, you can help avoid numerous phone calls and potentially get additional discounts!

A single call or quick email to your dedicated client manager can take care of all your insurance needs. Get a new car? Moving and need new coverage? Your agent can easily help you make the changes you need.

Personal & Local
Your agent lives and works where you do. We know whats happening around town with local events, the weather or regional trends and know how these are affecting our clients, neighbors and friends.

Insurance is complicated, and by using an agency, clients have an advocate and advisor on their side. The claims process can be a sensitive one, and an agent will provide knowledge to guide their clients through the stressful process.

Insurance is something that we have to purchase throughout our entire lives. There aren’t many people who have the time or motivation to effectively manage their own insurance policies. By utilizing an independent insurance agent, you can have confidence that your assets are being protected.

RogersGray happens to be one of the Top 100 Independent Insurance Agencies in the U.S. and is the 10th Largest Agency in Massachusetts. We have over 160 talented and knowledgeable insurance professionals ready to help you.

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Greg Ormon

Consultant | Personal Insurance

Greg Ormon a Personal Lines Insurance Consultant with RogersGray. Greg recognizes how important it is to put a client’s needs first. His goal is to make the process as easy and understandable as possible. Greg specializes in homeowners, auto, boat & yacht, builders risk, special event, umbrella and many other types of personal insurance. Greg resides in Dennis with his wife and their children.