In January 2019, the Registry of Motor Vehicles began offering a free service to employers in Massachusetts that have commercial drivers. The Driver Verification Service (DVS) gives employers the ability to track license statuses of their drivers and receive email notification from the RMV if there is a change in their license status at any time while they are enrolled in DVS. 

Unfortunately, a recent, tragic incident involving a commercial truck driver brought to light the fact that the MA RMV had failed to act upon information it had received from other states about out-of-state driver violations. The situation has been corrected, but in the process of rectifying this, the MA RMW suspended the licenses of over 1500 drivers for these out-of-state violations. A lawsuit has been filed against the trucking company who hired the driver, despite his troubled driving record.

We strongly urge our clients to enroll in DVS so they are notified of changes in employees driving eligibility to avoid the scenarios like the one above. Through the DVS eServices portal, users receive email notification from the RMV if there is a change in the license status of an employee at any time while they are enrolled in DVS.  When an employer receives a DVS notification via email, they are required to log into the DVS account to view the driver(s) that has had a status change.  DVS also allows you to purchase an unattested driving record for any driver enrolled in the DVS program for $8, and the company will be billed monthly.

This link gives you all the information on the program: https://www.mass.gov/service-details/driver-verification-system-dvs

This link is for program registration: https://secure.rmv.state.ma.us/dvs/Register.aspx

Please note: This service is not available as a pre-employment check and RogersGray is strictly prohibited from accessing MA RMV records for potential new hires. Any applicant for employment should provide his/her own copy of the driving record OR sign a form with the hiring company that the driving record may be obtained.