Trying to squeeze in every last bit of Summer? You should be! September is one of the best months to enjoy all Cape Cod and the Massachusetts South Shore has to offer! Even though your homeowners insurance is probably the last thing on your mind, early fall is a great time for homeowners to make some small adjustments or repairs before winter hits.

If you’re a homeowner that gets to spend their winter in warmer climates – lucky you! You can just sit back and relax! (but make sure someone is checking your house during the winter so your pipes don’t freeze, or better yet, turn your water off at the water main to your house to prevent frozen pipes!)

For those of us not flying South for the winter, it’s good to check on your heating and cooling systems before the cold really sets in.

  • Be sure you’re prepared for cold weather by checking your air filters and any duct systems.
  • If you use a fireplace, ensure its cleared, and free of any debris that may have floated in. It’s good to have a cleaning or chimney sweep completed before your first fire of the season.
  • Have a professional check your roof and gutters to make sure there’s no damage to the roof and that your gutters aren’t clogged. Clogged gutters can mean water back-up, or worse ice dams once the really cold weather sets in.

Now is also a great time to make sure your house is properly insulated. Check your doors and windows to see if you can feel air passing through. If you can, you’ll need to either repair or re-insulate the door or window that is causing problems. The same goes for walls or other surfaces in your home, if you can feel air passing through, you probably need to insulate that area. Keeping your home well-insulated will help you save on heating costs. In addition, having upgraded and energy-efficient windows and doors could even qualify you for homeowners discounts depending on your insurance policy.

Finally, there are a couple other things you should double-check around your house and property…

  • Do you have trees on your property? Have any been damaged by summer storms? If they look like they’re rotted, damaged, or getting close to falling, you’ll want to take care of this before a bigger storm rolls through.
  • It’s also a good idea to give your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors a check. Be sure they’re fully functioning with a charged battery.

Looking for more ways to prep for the cooler weather? Zillow has put together a handy list of the ‘12 Tasks to Tackle Before Fall Arrives.’

If you have any questions about your homeowners insurance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your dedicated client manager.

Janet Kliment

Vice President | Director of Personal Insurance

Janet is a Vice President at RogersGray Insurance and the Director of Personal Insurance. As Director of Personal Insurance, Janet oversees a team of more than 80 dedicated personnel in both sales and service. Janet resides on Cape Cod with her husband. You can connect with Janet on LinkedIn or by email.