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Learn about the experiences of previous RogersGray interns.


     Most college classes won’t teach you the ins and outs of insurance. While interning at RogersGray, you have the opportunity to learn how an insurance company runs while also learning skills and gaining knowledge thats applicable to your future. 

     Throughout the summer, interns collaborate on a project that is designed help guide the growth and future of the agency.

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Kayla Doherty

Human Resources Intern | University of New Hampshire

When searching for an internship for Summer 2019, I wanted to find mentorship. This past summer I gained so much knowledge and experience in addition to the mentorship I was seeking. I worked closely with my manager, Amy Fleck, who is the Talent Acquisition & Development Manager here at RogersGray. In addition to Amy, each member of the HR team taught me valuable aspects of HR during this internship, broadening my skills and knowledge of HR itself, and reaffirming that this is the field I want to be in for my future career.

Day to day, I helped with HR scheduling tasks, created training materials, and helped organize the recruitment process amongst many other things. The experience I have gotten at RogersGray is a huge resume and confidence builder. It left me with no doubt that I’ll be ready to take on a full-time HR job after I graduate in May 2020.

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Jack Snow

Business Insurance Intern | Kenyon College

During my summer at RogersGray, I worked closely with my manager Mike Duffley. He helped to guide me and supply me with tools and strategies to optimize my functioning as an interpersonal individual and coworker. I also learned a lot from my mentor, Zak Fagiano, who took me through the sales process start to finish. Balancing different projects and working with the other interns, my summer experience at RogersGray kept me engaged and excited to learn while challenging me along the way.

The process of finding an internship can be daunting, however my decision to step into a completely new role, in a realm where I had minimal knowledge, has been gratifying. My best advice for someone looking for an internship is to keep an open mind and take advantage of as many different experiences as you can. My time at RogersGray has been influential to my development as a professional and my most valuble work experience to date.

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Kaitlyn Cox

Business Development Intern | Elon University

This past summer I had the opportunity to work at RogersGray in Kingston as the Brand Development Intern. Throughout my time at RogersGray, I was able to work closely with the marketing department. This was an exciting summer to work in marketing because the agency was going through a rebranding process. Along with getting to help with some parts of the rebrand, I was able to work on client newsletters, a personal lines advertising campaign, and a social media campaign.

One of my favorite aspects of RogersGray was the way teamwork and collaboration were continuously encouraged. All the way from the interns to upper management, staff members were always willing to help others on projects and provide additional perspectives. Being part of a company that works cohesively was a great experience as it exemplified how each position was valued and important to the agency’s overall success.

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Adam McClay

Personal Insurance Intern | Sacred Heart University

Last summer at RogersGray I worked in the sales department, specifically with personal lines producers. I worked on an array of projects, such as a personal lines social media campaign, creating lists of Centers of Influences, and organizing lists of employee benefits clients. Through these projects I further developed my skills with excel, sales techniques, and working for a business overall.

Other than the professional skills I learned with RogersGray, this experience taught me the type of environment I want to work in. The workplace environment RogersGray has created over the years makes for an easy transition for interns and new employees, as you feel welcomed as soon as you walk in the door. It has also taught me a lot about working in the insurance industry and insurance in general. I would highly recommend RogersGray for anyone looking for a positive internship experience.

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Marissa Osofsky

Finance Intern | Boston University

During my internship this past summer, I learned more than I ever could have expected about finance. Some projects I worked on were entering receipts, reconciling accounts, and creating business analysis reports. I also gained a strong background understanding on insurance as RogerGray gave me detailed trainings on the industry. 

What I enjoyed so much about RogersGray was their high emphasis on training and educating their employees in order to make them successful at their jobs. Additionally, the RogersGray team was so warm and welcoming and made me feel comfortable from the first day.Through my internship I was able to shadow members of the finance team and then use what I learned to complete assignments. This has been a great learning experience for me and has allowed me to explore my potential. 

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Andrew Shortall

Business Process Intern | Bentley University

Last summer at RogersGray, I worked closely with Mark Carrick as a Business Process Intern. During my time at RogersGray, I was able to become highly involved in projects that went on with both RogersGray and Monomoy. Some of these projects included working on sales success reporting for Monomoy and making templates for client retention bonuses for RogersGray. I was also included in meetings with upper management and worked closely with them to complete tasks and projects.

Throughout this internship I was able to grow and develop many professional skills. I was also able to develop some life skills and knowledge of insurance that I may not otherwise have. In all, I came out of RogersGray more prepared to be a good worker and an asset to a company. I also learned how to be a smart customer of insurance.

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Learn More About Our Past Interns
Sam Aronson | Business Development Intern 

My internship with RogersGray granted me a host of real-world experience, both personally and professionally. I worked as a Business Development Intern while completing my Master’s in Professional Writing and Communication at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. After completing my internship training, I was immediately given interesting assignments in which I was granted a great degree of freedom. Writing and drafting copy in conjunction with the RG team was a fantastic experience. I was able to create a range of content that allowed me to write in a voice and tone that I was not yet used to. This experience transferred directly to my current role as a copywriter. Now, I find myself writing about unfamiliar topics on a daily basis. My time at RogersGray made me comfortable researching and writing authoritatively about previously unfamiliar topics. I’d recommend an internship here to students in just about any major or concentration. While I entered the program initially thinking my degree was a bit unrelated, I quickly learned that this would be an extremely relevant experience.


Haley McLaughlin | Human Resources Intern

I worked at RogersGray for two summers and had the best experience while also meeting some of the best people, During my time there I worked on various projects that had to do with restructuring what was then called “The academy”. I helped rebrand this department so not only external people could utilize this but internal people as well. This was really interesting to work on because there was a lot of room for creativity and innovation.

Overall, my experience at RogersGray allowed me to work on projects that mattered which motivated me to set goals and work on time management. This internship also gave me the chance to identify with a culture that reflected my values. Working there set the bar high on what kind of company culture, I wanted to be part of, and as an intern, I feel this is really valuable because you are able to learn what you want, and don’t want for your career path. RogersGray puts their employees happiness and career growth first, and I was able to find a company in my industry that did the same.   


David Fronduto | Sales Intern

As the first intern of RG, back in 2007, my experience was a lot different. The agency was considerably smaller with only a few producers who worked on mainly small to middle market accounts.This internship was my very first experience with an actual insurance policy. 

As my internship was ending I was offered an assistant/intern role during the summer in the personal lines department in Dennis. During that summer, I helped out with a number of things, including lead generation, replacement cost estimator, rating personal home and auto policies in various carrier systems. This experience got me way more familiar with how things worked in the personal lines world.

Overall my experience with RogersGray has been incredible; they brought me along from intern to full time employee and never skipped a beat with taking time to explain things along the way. 

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