Our Condominium Accounts Group provides the most complete coverage.


Your condominium or community association trusts RogersGray to insure the exterior structure and common areas of your building. This is called the master policy. All master policies are written differently – meaning your coverage as a unit owner needs to be customized to make sure that you have complete and total coverage.

Speaking of customization; throughout the years your unit has likely undergone improvements and betterments made by either yourself or a previous owner. Make sure you have custom coverage that takes into account all the value added since your unit was initially constructed.


What does a Condo Policy Cover?

This is where the RogersGray Condominium Accounts Group – team comes in. Your coverage can be personalized to cover your home, personal property, personal liability, loss of use, and even medical payments. Because RogersGray holds the master policy, they are also intimately familiar with what is and is not covered by it. They are in the best position to ensure your coverage is complete and factors in all the custom touches that makes your individual unit uniquely yours.

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The RogersGray Condominium Program

The RogersGray’s Condominium Accounts Group Program is an exclusive program, designed to accommodate the needs of condo communities and homeowners’ associations. The program was built to provide significantly improved coverage over other programs at a reduced cost. RogersGray currently insures over 200 condo associations. Our team enjoys working with Boards, Trustees, and Property Managers to ensure that they have the best insurance program in place to protect their condo association.

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