Circle of Excellence Awards

Seeking and weighing a broad range of perspectives, assuming positive intent, being open to input and nimble when new information arises. Sharing information in a manner that is constructive to the
intended audience with the common goal of continual improvement. Deploying resources and using information in ways that result in thoughtful solutions and the best path to success. The expert crafting of
risk management and insurance coverage architecture that is optimally responsive.

Embracing opportunities, overcoming obstacles and getting up and back in the game whenever we are knocked down in order to achieve our objectives. Stepping up to face our challenges and inevitable
setbacks with determination; driving to win, being resilient and seeing change as an opportunity to be better.

Making it easy for others to know and trust us by being approachable, forthright, responsive, calm and transparent. Doing what we said we would do, even when it is difficult. Being worthy of trust by always
doing the right thing in an open and authentic way.

Showing respect for the dignity of others and helping and caring for them in tangible ways by being warm and welcoming. Recognizing the creativity and beauty of a passion pursued and work well done. Having
a sense of humor and energy of spirit that is infectious.

Acting and thinking beyond ourselves and our self-interest. Having an abiding appreciation for all that we have and our responsibility to give back and make things better. Celebrating our good fortune and sharing
in ways that make our community better.

Turning our imagination free, thinking big, looking for a better way and seeing what is possible, but not yet done. Using today’s excellence as the springboard to tomorrow’s success


2023 Circle of Excellence

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Circle of Excellence Award Winners Engaging
Formerly – Our People
Formerly Client Focused
Formerly – Trust
Formerly Personal Leadership
Formerly Improvement
Formerly Community
Charles N. Robinson
2015 Lynn Mason-Small Claire Paulson Jim Lopes Ami Drew Amy Fleck Melissa Rodriguez Janet Kliment
2016 Alyssa Deardon Lisa Masse Derith Marjollet Anna Seymour Mike Duffley Jeff Sharpe James Higgins
2017 Lisa Sylva Joanne Ferguson Dona Buffington Teresa Labrecque Dave Fronduto Adam Trivilino John Turco
2018 Alanna Empoliti Doan Trinh Sean Coyle Amy Furtado Sabrina Auger Mary Marquart Ami Drew
2019/2020 (changed to reflect year of event) Melani Meyerhans Sarah Roy Mike Redfield Teresa O’Sullivan Mark Carrick Kathy McDonald Dona Buffington
2021 Allison McEachern Jeff Bastien Gretchen Shute Karen Newton David Fronduto Susan Dragon Lynn Mason-Small
2022 Ashley Salisbury Katie Coughlin Beth Seviour Connie Meine Allison O’Neill Jeff Bastien David Fronduto