Mass Fair Plan Comparison

In Addition to the standard coverage, one specific advantage of Monomoy’s homeowners product over the Mass Fair Plan is “Coverage C”.

What is “Coverage C” in a Homeowners policy?

Coverage C refers to personal property.  This coverage protects your personal possessions against the same risks and perils as Coverage A and B (fire, lightning, burglary, etc.). Items can include: clothing, furniture, appliances, etc.

Coverage for Personal Property is usually limited to 50% to 75% of your Coverage A amount, depending on the carrier.  With Monomoy Insurance Group, we include the following endorsements at NO additional charge. Generally, these coverages could be offered to homeowners with ‘A La Carte’ pricing (meaning you pay separately for each one. We’ve tried to make it easy and have just bundled this all together to ensure you have the best coverage at the best price.


Increased Limits on Loss Assessment & Special Limits of Liability

Increased Personal Property

Credit Card, Forgery & Counterfeit Money

Refrigerated Property

Identity Fraud

Lock Replacement

Loss by Theft, misplacing or losing of Jewelry

Loss by Theft of silver, gold, platinum or pewterware

Increased Limits on Debris Removal, Fire Department Surchage & Watercraft (including trailers & engines)

As with anything, this list is subject to exclusions, limitations and changes, so be sure to speak with your RogersGray Insurance contact to ensure your specific coverage.

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