As of June 16th, the RogersGray office in Whitman (Formerly Mason Insurance) is permanently closed.

All the employees at that location will continue to be part of the RogersGray team, either remotely or at our Kingston office.
Your Client Service Team is available at any time to assist you.

(formerly Mason Insurance)

458 South Ave.
Whitman, MA 02382

Telephone: 781-447-5531
Fax: 877-816-2156

Open Monday – Friday
8:30 – 4:30 pm

Please send all mailed correspondence to:
410 University Avenue
Westwood, MA 02090


The RogersGray Insurance office in Whitman, Massachusetts provides services in personal insurancecommercial insurance, and employee benefits.



Do you need help determining the types of personal insurance products that are right for you? RogersGray’s employees at the Whitman office can help safeguard your assets and your family’s quality of life with customized insurance products designed for your situation. We provide risk management solutions for those residing in Whitman or other places along the South Shore. The office in Whitman, MA consists of employees that can provide you with expert direction and professional support for your life, home, auto and property insurance needs.



The RogersGray Insurance employees at the Whitman office will take the time to understand your unique circumstances and work directly with you and your team to safeguard your business and its resources and assets from potential liabilities. Our consultative approach will exceed your expectations.

Don’t worry South Shore, we don’t just provide help to Whitman! We do cover risk both nationally and internationally and have access to nearly every major insurance carrier in the country. This means that even if your company is in other parts of South Shore, Massachusetts, or the world we will find a solution for you. We will tailor a program that provides you with the broadest insurance coverage at the most reasonable rates.  We work hard to make sure your commercial insurance needs are covered in an ever changing environment, with a special attention to industry-specific risk exposure.



Attracting, retaining and rewarding good employees is a difficult and expensive proposition for any business.  To keep pace, companies must offer a desirable package of employee benefits, and the Whitman RogersGray Insurance office can help.

Whitman’s Employee Benefits Division can help you design, implement and communicate group benefit programs of all types, including both employer-paid and voluntary employee-paid benefits. And remember, whether your company is located in Whitman or not, RogersGray Insurance can help.