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Cyber Whitepaper

Cyber Liability Insurance White PaperAccording to Symantec – 40% of cyber attacks are targeted at businesses with less than 500 employees.

Surprising isn’t it?  We tend to think of data breach and cyber attacks as only happening to the Targets and Home Depots of the world.  But the truth is, it can happen to any business at any time – including yours.  We’ve written a whitepaper “Are you at Risk?” to help address some of the concerns and questions small to medium size businesses have on data breach, cyber liability and insurance needed to cover those threats and costs.

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“Are You At Risk?  Rising Threats to Data Security & The Truth about Cyber”
A RogersGray Insurance Whitepaper

Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker explained, after a 30% surge in cyber attacks, that cybersecurity is “one of the major challenges” Massachusetts is facing*.  Cyber security and data breaches are a true menace to many small-to-medium-sized businesses. Many businesses know little to nothing about cyber and data security, but they’re learning fast unfortunately.

If your small to medium sized business stores any sort of customer information, you should be learning about data breach protection and consider Cyber Liability Insurance.  The average loss per record is $217 if your company has data breach.  With so many functions of business being performed online now, this whitepaper on Cyber Liability contains useful information to help protect your business.

Are You At Risk?
Rising Threats to Data Security & The Truth about Cyber
A RogersGray Insurance Whitepaper

The white paper includes:
•Costs associated with cyber attacks
•Types of loss that could occur from a data breach
•How to help stop some exposure to cyber threats
•Data breach calculator to see how much a breach would cost your company

*Boston Herald, March 12, 2015 

Download your copy of “Are You At Risk?  Rising Threats to Data Security & The Truth about Cyber” ;A RogersGray Insurance Whitepaper


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