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The world relies on the convergences of technology and infrastructure.
Data storage, eCommerce, streaming services, gaming, and evolving workplace strategies have increased the challenges to private and public networks.

We have come to rely on Digital Infrastructure to power our lives – Data Centers, Wireless Infrastructure and Fiber Optic Networks face increased demands for resiliency.

Growing threats from cyber criminals, global unrest, infrastructure instability, and increasing severe weather events due to climate change, all contribute to the worry for leaders and investors of digital infrastructure companies.

The Digital Infrastructure Practice Leaders at RogersGray, A Baldwin Risk Partner, concentrate on the risk mitigation needs of organizations focused on:


  • Telecommunications – Wireless & Mobile Communications
  • Data Centers
  • Fiber, Broadband & Satellite
  • Crypto Mining
  • Blockchain & Financial Services
  • Cloud Computing
  • Emerging Technology in Renewable Energy

RogersGray is proud to be part of Baldwin Risk Partners. Our family of firms’ best-in-class resources and diverse portfolio of services are innovating the industry by taking a holistic and tailored approach to insurance and risk management.


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Data Center

Digital Infrastructure Risks

Cyber: Digital infrastructure companies must be aware of their cyber vulnerabilities and have risk management processes in place to respond to cyber incidents. Cyberattacks can result in data breaches, service disruptions, and future vulnerabilities.

Contractual: Digital infrastructure companies may have agreements in place with large companies to ensure continuity of service, but it’s important for them to have risk management plans in case of service failure.

Business Interruption: Digital infrastructure companies that provide critical connectivity services to individuals and organizations are vulnerable to devastating business interruptions.

Insurance for Fiber, Broadbank and Satellite

Specialized Coverages

Cyber Insurance: Reimburses costs related to data breaches and other financial losses due to cyberattacks.

Business Interruption Insurance: Helps maintain business operations during crises, such as natural disasters, supply chain issues, and labor disputes.

Property Insurance: Covers physical damage to structures and equipment.

Directors and Officers Insurance: Protects the organization and personal assets of directors and officers from claims related to cyber-related losses, financial disclosures, pandemics, and natural disasters.

Mike Mathews

Mike Mathews

Practice Leader | Digital Infrastructure

Mike and his team of technology specialists are known for delivering exceptional service and expertise in the areas of Risk Management, Employee Benefits, Commercial Insurance, and Executive Risk. With over 20 years of experience serving Data Center/COLO, Cloud, Digital Asset Mining, Wireless & Infrastructure Communications, and Private Equity Investor-focused organizations, Mike leverages his knowledge to guide clients in implementing best practices in risk management.

The Digital Infrastructure Team, with a focus on both domestic and international markets, specializes in crafting comprehensive insurance and risk management programs tailored to the unique needs of the technology industry. Their reputation for providing innovative solutions to companies with national and global operations has earned them recognition throughout the sector.

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With cyber incidents and ransomware attacks increasing, and with the expanding attack surface due to so many employees working from home, taking a proactive approach to cyber risk management that includes a robust cyber liability insurance policy is an absolute necessity.


Whether it’s a large project opportunity or negotiating increased bonding capacity, BRP’s surety group helps you navigate the surety landscape. There are challenges and risks present in any market and a skilled surety expert is always preparing you for what lies ahead. It is this focus that allows us to ensure you have a surety program that supports your business plan today and into the future.

Management Liability

Directors & Officers (D&O) is an insurance policy that protects the personal assets of individual directors and officers, as well as the corporate balance sheet for the company.

Global Japanese Practice

We strive to share a mutual respect with our client partners and be the risk management advisors of choice for Japanese companies that are competing and pursuing growth in the global market.

The Global Japanese Practice was established within Baldwin Risk Partners to help Japanese businesses grow globally, anywhere in the world. Established by the practice leaders within major global insurance brokerage firms, this team of experts nurtured the practice into what will be the only true global practice in the industry.


We maximize the overall financial benefits of a comprehensive risk management program that includes captive insurance as one of its key elements. Since we take a conservative risk-based approach to captive solutions, we think it is vitally important to have checks and balances for your captive. BRP has the flexibility to utilize our strategic relationships with CPA, legal, and actuarial services or maximize your current relationships.