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Hurricane Preparation

We are paying close attention to the impending storms heading north and want to ensure you have easy access to the important contact information needed in the case that you suffer any property damage.

24 Hour Emergency Claims Center – 1-866-709-8001
Email – [email protected]

Hurricanes are strong storms that cause life and property threatening hazards such as flooding, storm surge, high winds and tornadoes. We can’t caution enough that you should be prepared in the event of a hurricane and this checklist provided by the American Red Cross is an excellent source of information:  Hurricane Safety Checklist

One of the frequent insurance questions we get related to hurricanes is “What is the difference between All Perils Deductible and Named Storm Deductible or Hurricane Deductible?”

The answer is that Hurricane or Named Storm Deductibles only apply to a Named Hurricane or Named Storm. For example – “Hurricane Bob” or “Hercules” (named storm). If the weather event was not given a name, the All Other Perils deductible will apply to the wind/hail claim.

A “named storm” only applies when the storm is named by the National Weather Service  (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA)   As much as we all love Jim Cantore at the Weather Channel – if he decides to call a snowstorm a name – that just doesn’t count!

NOAA has some good information as well on their site in regards to hurricanes.

New England homeowners are right to worry about hurricanes. Although we are spared for the most part, there is definitely a chance that a hurricane could hit our coasts and the more prepared for a hurricane the better.

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