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Preferred Risk Policy

This Standard Flood Insurance Policy (SFIP) offers low-cost coverage to owners and tenants of eligible buildings located
in the moderate-risk zones within National Flood Insurance Program communities.

According to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), about 40% of flood insurance claims in the U.S. come from areas not considered high risk flood zones.
Most homeowners policies do not cover damage from flooding.

Preferred Risk Policies can be broken into two types of coverages: 

  • Building and Contents – Provides coverage for the building structure as well as the personal property located within the building
  • Contents – Provides coverage for your personal property within the building but not the actual structure itself

Affordable Protection

Preferred Risk Policies cost less than standard flood policies if the home is located in a low-to-moderate risk flood zone as designated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Cost is based on the coverage limits you choose, but for $250,000 of building coverage and $100,000 contents coverage for a primary residence, the cost is as low as $530.  Quotes for secondary homes may include a slightly higher surcharge.

Contact us today to secure this low-cost flood policy for your home and enjoy the peace of mind knowing you will be protected in the event of a flood.

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PRP Rates: 1 - 4 Family Residential Building and Contents Coverage Combinations
$ 20,000 $ 8,000 $144 $113
$ 30,000 $ 12,000 $181 $150
$ 50,000 $ 20,000 $242 $211
$ 75,000 $ 30,000 $291 $255
$100,000 $ 40,000 $322 $288
$125,000 $ 50,000 $341 $305
$150,000 $ 60,000 $362 $328
$200,000 $ 80,000 $404 $362
$250,000 $100,000 $436 $389


PRP Rates: Residential Contents-Only Coverage
$ 8,000 $23 $45
$ 12,000 $42 $75
$ 20,000 $79 $118
$ 30,000 $96 $141
$ 40,000 $110 $162
$ 50,000 $125 $182
$ 60,000 $140 $202
$ 80,000 $168 $226
$100,000 $197 $251



Nationally recognized expertise.

Joe Rossi, ANFI, CFM

Rossi is a nationally recognized flood specialist. Joining RogersGray in 2017, Rossi provides a vast depth and understanding of coastal flood issues and legislation.

He has acquired his associate of national flood insurance (ANFI) and the certified floodplain manager (CFM) certification in 2016, one of the highest certifications in the flood insurance industry.

Rossi is a member of the board of directors for the National Flood Determination Association, a trade organization for producers of flood zone determinations.

Complete Credentials & Boards

  • Chair and Executive Director, Massachusetts Coastal Coalition
  • Chair, National Flood Association Legislative Committee
  • Board Member, Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers Flood Insurance Task Force
  • Board Member, Massachusetts Floodplain Managers Association
  • Chair, Marshfield Community Rating System Committee
  • Member, Association of State Floodplain Managers 
Not sure if you qualify for a PRP?

Our flood team can review the zoning for your property to ensure that you have appropriate coverage. With access to a number of different flood programs, RogersGray has the options and the expertise to make sure you are protected.

If you are looking for flood insurance for a commercial property, we can help. The average business owners policy will not cover losses caused by flood waters. Our team is prepared to evaluate your property and if needed, assist in a full flood consultation and corresponding flood audit to ensure that your structure is classified appropriately and meets compliance regulations.

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