Real Estate & Property Management Insurance

Through our real estate & property management insurance program we provide:

  • Understanding of the unique coastal marketplace and bring a specialized approach to that market.
  • Online Certificate Issuing System for Condo or General Insurance Cert’s or simply apply right online 
  • Experienced staff who understand the challenges of real estate insurance and property management insurance; and the coverage’s needed to protect your properties.
  • Our relationships with our carriers and the size of our Agency, give us the “clout” we need to make sure you get what you need quickly; however, you’ll know exactly who services your account and they are ready to provide in-person attention.
  • Rogers & Gray helps guide you in proactive measures to help prevent claims from happening in the first place, in order to keep your premiums as low as possible.

Contact Us

434 Route 134
South Dennis, MA 02660

Phone: 877-504-7192

Fax: 877-816-2156

24 Hour Emergency Claims Center 866-709-8001


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