35 Rosebrook Place 

Renters Insurance information for 
35 Rosebrook Place tenants 

Renters might be surprised to find out not only does a renters policy insure your “stuff” it also offers liability protection and medical coverage (think dog bite or a visitor gets hurt in your home). The policy may even cover belongings that are stolen from your car or luggage that gets stolen during traveling.

35 Rosebrook Place is committed to bringing a high quality of life to its tenants. In looking for a preferred partner, 35 Rosebrook Place selected RogersGray Insurance to assist their tenants with protecting what’s inside their units.  Monique Duquette and Lisa O’Connell of the RogersGray Wareham office are a great resource to help guide you through the process of protecting what’s most important to you. You can reach them by filling out the form below or calling them at 508-295-6504.

Here is a great page with a full outline of what renters insurance is and how it protects tenants.

We make this easy on you. Just complete the fields here and we’ll be back to you shortly!  If you’d prefer to call us, you can do that too at 508-295-6504.

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