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RogersGray Internet and Email Policy

With the rise of new media and next generation communication tools, the way in which RogersGray employees can communicate internally and externally continues to evolve. While this creates new opportunities for communication and collaboration, it also creates new responsibilities for Rogers and Gray employees. The use of the internet and email by employees of RogersGray is permitted and encouraged where such use supports the goals and objectives of our business. However, RogersGray has a policy for the use of internet and email whereby the employee must ensure that they:

  • Comply with current legislation
  • Use the internet and email in an acceptable way
  • Do not create unnecessary business risk to the company by their misuse of the Internet or email

Unacceptable behavior:

  • Use of agency communications systems to set up personal business or send chain letters
  • Forwarding of agency confidential messages to external locations
  • Visiting internet sites that contain obscene, hateful, pornographic or otherwise illegal material
  • Distributing, disseminating or storing images, text or materials that might be considered indecent, pornographic, obscene or illegal
  • Distributing, disseminating or storing images, text or materials that might be considered discriminatory, offensive or abusive, in that the context is a personal attack, sexist or racist, or might be considered as harassment
  • Distributing or disseminating email that discriminates against employees with respect to race, gender, nationality, religion or age. This will be disciplined in accordance with our harassment policy.
  • Using the computer to perpetrate any form of fraud, or software, film or music piracy
  • Using the internet to send offensive of harassing material to other users
  • Accessing copyrighted information in a way that violates the copyright
  • Hacking into the Agency’s or another organization’s system or unauthorized use of a password/mailbox
  • Broadcasting unsolicited personal views on social, political, religious or other non-business related matters
  • Publishing defamatory and or knowingly false material about RogersGray Insurance Agency, your colleagues and/or our customers on social networking sites, blogs (online journals), “wikis” and any online publishing format
  • Transmitting unsolicited commercial or advertising material
  • Undertaking deliberate activities that waste staff effort or networked resources
  • Introducing and or downloading unauthorized software or any form of computer virus or malware into the Agency network.

Agency-owned information held on third-party websites

If you produce, collect and/or process business related information in the course of your work, the information remains the property of RogersGray Insurance Agency, Inc. This includes such information stored on third-party websites such as webmail service providers and social networking sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn.


RogersGray Insurance Agency accepts that the use of internet and email is a valuable business tool. However, misuse of this facility can have a negative impact on employee productivity and the reputation of our business. In addition, the Agency’s internet related and email resources are provided for business purposes. Therefore, the Agency maintains the right to monitor the volume of internet and network traffic, together with the internet sites visited, along with the right to examine any email correspondence, systems and inspect any data recorded in those systems. In order to ensure compliance with this policy, the Agency also reserves the right to use monitoring software to check on the use and content of emails. Such monitoring is for legitimate purposes only. Rogers and Gray owns any communication sent via email or that is stored on company equipment. Management and other authorized staff have the right to access any material in your email or on your computer at any time. Please do not consider your electronic communication, storage or access to be private if it is created or stored at work.


Where it is believed that an employee has failed to comply with this policy, they will face the Agency’s disciplinary procedure. If the employee is found to have breached the policy, they will face a disciplinary penalty ranging from a verbal warning to dismissal. The actual penalty applied will depend on factors such as the seriousness of the breach and the employee’s disciplinary record.


All agency employees, contractors or temporary staff who have been granted the right to use the Agency’s internet and email access are required to enter their name below, confirming their understanding and acceptance of this policy.

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