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Food Trucks

The food truck phenomenon has escalated to become a robust and recognized industry.Over the last decade, these mobile eateries have spread to serve more and more cities and towns throughout Boston, the Massachusetts South Shore and Cape Cod
One of RogersGray’s premier small business insurance carriers is now offering a new insurance program specifically designed for food trucks and mobile meal-providers. Our small business insurance team understands these unique insurance needs and has access to a program perfectly designed to cover food truck operations and exposures.

Eligibility Guidelines

  • The business needs to have a license or permit from the local authorities to operate within the jurisdiction it is selling food.
    City of Boston | Barnstable County

  • Exhaust ductwork must be cleaned regularly and fire suppression systems serviced and maintained at least annually.

  • Propane must be professionally installed and tanks must be adequately secured with an accessible safety shut-off valve.

  • Must be clean, well-maintained and operated by a staff properly trained in the handling of food.

  • Business needs to have some Business Personal Property coverage at a described premises. This could be tied to a restaurant, catering business, commissary, etc.

Coverage Highlights

Commercial Auto

Agreed Value ensures adequate coverage for vehicles and food trucks without any deduction for depreciation.

Bodily Injury/Property Damage

For situations that arise out of food truck operations while it is parked and operating as a food vending business.

Business Income
Provides coverage in the event the damage or destruction of non-owned property interferes with anticipated earnings.
Equipment Breakdown

Food trucks rely on many pieces of equipment to operate. In the event of equipment failure this program provides coverage up to $25,000.

Food Contamination Shutdown
Helps with income lost when you’re forced to close for contamination — and it may even assist with the costs of complying with required fixes up to $10,000.
Cyber Liability
Comprehensive coverage that protects against a variety of threats including data breaches, malicious attacks and wire transfer fraud.

A food truck is out serving customers during lunchtime on a warm summer day. Mid food prep, the oven malfunctions and starts a fire causing the food truck to shut down operations. The structure and contents of the truck are destroyed and the business is unable to resume operations for 3 months.

In addition to providing coverage to replace the vehicle and equipment at the value agreed upon by the customer (undepreciated), this insurance program can also provide business income coverage to replace the income lost during the shutdown period.

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