Thermacell Home & Auto Program

RogersGray is the preferred home and auto insurance
partner to Thermacell team members

Thermacell team members are eligible for this exclusive Home & Auto insurance program through our Preferred Accounts Team. Auto, Homeowners & Renters Insurance – You choose your Carrier for best fit and price!


  • Average annual customer savings = $250
  • No down payments or extra monthly fees!
  • Dedicated Preferred Accounts Team to work with
  • Competitive quotes from a variety of carriers
  • Can take advantage of this benefit at any time during the year as all policy dates vary

If you would like to begin getting competitive quotes on your home, renters or auto policies – just start the process by completing the form here or you can reach our Preferred Accounts Team directly at 866-553-9243.

If you have a copy of a current policy, that will speed things along too!

Thermacell Quote Request

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Feel free to share any information on your inquiry.
Upload a copy of your existing insurance policy and/or declarations page. This is not necessary, but will speed the process up.
Max. file size: 50 MB.

No Down Payments or Extra Fees!

No down payments or extra monthly fees! 

Built for Thermacall

Exclusive program for Thermacell employees and we competitively shop your policies to multiple carriers – resulting in the best available pricing.

Dedicated Preferred Accounts Team

RogersGray employees are here for you when you have questions about your insurance. Our team is your team. You can take advantage of this benefit at any time, year round.