Commercial Flood Insurance in MA: Protect Your Business

With roots on the Massachusetts coast, our team knows a thing or two about flood insurance.


Flood insurance is complicated and more than half of all written flood policies are wrong. Is yours?

The average business owners policy will not protect you from losses caused by floodwaters. These policies can protect you against other types of naturally occurring damages like fire or lightning. A commercial flood insurance policy can protect your business against a range of environmental threats. Overflowing water from nearby streams or rivers can prove damaging to a property, particularly after a period of prolonged rainfall. Additionally, heavy rain can create storm drain blockages or even breaks in dams or levees. A commercial flood insurance policy can protect your business against these perils, among others.


Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA)

A Letter of Map Amendment or LOMA is an official amendment, by letter, to an effective National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) map. A LOMA can result in the removal or reclassification of a property from a flood zone and the elimination of the requirement to carry flood insurance.

Flood Audits

The Residential Property Flood Audit consists of an in-depth review of existing policies, historical mapping, elevation certificates, and more. The Flood Audit includes a comprehensive report to the client.

Custom Consulting

RogersGray can provide additional Flood Insurance consulting on a situational basis, including: Flood loss history reports and review of a building’s flood plain; Assistance in complex FEMA and NFIP issues; Building compliance site visits.