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Property & Casualty and Employee Benefits programs for individuals, families and businesses.

Auto Insurance

Because we work with multiple carriers, you’ll get a competitive auto insurance quote every time — no matter what kind of vehicle you have.


Your home is your most valuable asset. Come fire, accident or natural disaster, we’ll make sure it’s protected with the right homeowners or renters insurance policy.

Business Insurance

Every Day You Face Risk. Risks to your business, profits, people, and reputation. Choosing the right partner who takes a consultative approach to risk management is crucial.

Private Client Group

Private Client Group members have specialized insurance needs. We help you protect your significant assets, maintain your family’s well-being and ensure your legacy.

Employee Benefits

Our team specializes in providing solutions to control insurance costs through alternative markets, self-funding, captives and more. Stabilizing insurance premiums and improved management of healthcare costs is critical for employers and we help guide you.

Life Insurance

You don’t buy life insurance FROM RogersGray, you buy life insurance WITH RogersGray. We’re committed to making sure you always have one of the most intelligent, thoughtful people in the business to turn to.

Janet Kliment

“Insurance today is more complicated than ever. We ask lots of questions and do our homework. I’ll make sure you have a personal expert who really knows you and your unique needs.”

John Gaynier

“Large commercial and real estate portfolio insurance coverage is complex. It’s most important for me to assess my client’s needs, address those complexities and ensure their assets are covered appropriately.”

Reggie Rolles

“The benefits packages we offer give employers an edge to attract and retain great employees.”

Dondi Stojak

“Being part of the tight community here on Nantucket, I’m committed to taking care of my friends and neighbors and all of their personal insurance needs.”

Joe Powers

“I see my clients, not only in the office, but in the community too. It’s important that the life insurance coverage I advise for them is the right policy now, but also as their needs evolve.”

Peter Cullivan

“Data Breach Protection is just a fancy way of saying your business is protected from the very real threat of hackers and cyber criminals. Even a small breach could result in a company having to close its doors. Planning and protecting against that is part of any IT professional’s responsibility.”

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Answers to Your Questions

How much should my deductible be?

As a general rule, your insurance deductible should be as big as you can afford. If you have a loss and you have a $1,000 deductible, you will be responsible for the first $1,000 out of pocket. The larger the deductible, the less you pay in premium.

What does renter’s insurance cover?

Renter’s insurance protects a renter in the event of a fire, burglary, loss of use or other disaster. Depending on coverage options, a renter’s insurance policy covers personal items and assets including but not limited to clothing, computers, televisions, furniture and more. Renter’s insurance is advisable to safeguard your possessions as your landlord’s policy will NOT cover any damage to your residence.

What insurance is required for a seasonal rental property?

Most carriers provide the owner occupied homeowner the ability to rent their property out on a limited basis. For example, you own a home on Cape Cod and would like to rent it out for the summer in weekly increments. Requirements vary on carriers, specific situations should be discussed with your client manager. Contact Us for more information on personal insurance homeowner policies.

Is there an alternative to the MA Fair Plan?

Yes, RogersGray has an exclusive homeowners insurance program called Monomoy. Its rates are comparable to the MA Fair Plan and the coverage is far superior. Request a quote to find out if you’re eligible.

I’m starting a new business, what insurance coverage will I need?

The basic coverage that will be required when starting your own business is Property, General Liability, Commercial Auto, Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions), Umbrella, and Worker’s Compensation. That being said, insurance needs will vary in different businesses and depending on the industry of your new business there may be other coverage that is legally required. Also note that home-based businesses are not covered under personal insurance policies.

What is cyber liability insurance?

At a high level, Cyber Liability provides data security coverage. This could cover losses due to data that was stolen from your business. This could also cover your business in the case of being sued over the case of clients/customers personal information being breached.

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