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Cape Cod and South Shore residents  finally the MA FAIR Plan is not your ONLY option.

Monomoy Insurance Group offers better pricing than the MA FAIR Plan, and it’s ALWAYS better coverage.

If you’re a homeowner looking to protect more than what is offered by the FAIR Plan, Monomoy is for you. Recent MA FAIR Plan (or MPIUA) clients who have switched to Monomoy are seeing an average savings of 12% on their homeowners insurance with the same coverage.

Other benefits include an Exclusive 10% Auto Insurance Discount with Arbella Insurance and increased personal property coverage at no additional charge. These clients who are bundling their coastal homeowners insurance and auto insurance are seeing an even greater average savings of $400 when making the switch from the FAIR plan to Arbella and Monomoy.

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Average Savings*

*Average savings of Rogers & Gray clients moving from MPIUA to Monomoy Insurance with the same coverage.

A new client placed an online quote request for their homeowners insurance in Yarmouth Port. Monomoy saved them $100 on their premium and provided both better dwelling coverage AND an improved deductible (2% Hurricane vs. 2% Wind).

- Yarmouth Port, MA Resident

A client on Nantucket was purchasing a new home as their 2nd home. Monomoy was a $400 savings compared to the MA FAIR Plan, plus a much better deductible option – 2% Hurricane vs. 5% Named Storm!

- Nantucket, MA Resident

Some things are just better together…

Save an average of $400* on your home and auto when you make the switch from the MA FAIR Plan to Monomoy coastal homeowners insurance and Arbella auto insurance.

Monomoy is now offering an exclusive 10% auto insurance discount with Arbella Insurance.

Use the form above to request a quote for your Massachusetts homeowners and auto insurance.

Protect more, for less.

*Average savings of $400 based on Rogers & Gray Insurance clients moving from MPIUA to Monomoy Insurance with same coverage, combined with the average auto premium savings based on 2018 average total premium of Rogers & Gray clients who have Arbella auto insurance.

Monomoy FAQ’s

Why should I think about switching to Monomoy?
The MA FAIR Plan (or MPIUA) is the state’s ‘insurer of last resort’ and comes with bare bones coverage for your personal property. If you’ve been told you don’t have any other option, Monomoy now offers you a choice for your insurance with better coverage, improved wind deductible and comparable (and in some cases better) pricing.
Does everyone qualify?
No, just like any other carrier, there are underwriting guidelines that are specific to Monomoy. In addition to obtaining necessary information, Monomoy requires that a home inspection be completed.  There will also be an insurance score required to qualify, the insurance score is a soft hit and does not affect a homeowners credit score.
What is A.M. Best and why is it important to a policy holder?
A.M. Best is the only global credit rating organization with a unique focus on the insurance industry. Best’s Ratings, which are issued through A.M. Best Rating Services, Inc., are a recognized indicator of insurer financial strength and creditworthiness. Being financially sound is one of the most important elements of an insurance carrier. When the worst happens, you want to make sure you’re covered and with Monomoy Insurance Group, you are.
Can anyone get Monomoy’s Insurance Products?
Monomoy’s products are available exclusively through Rogers & Gray Insurance. Rogers & Gray was the leading agency behind the partnership with Spinnaker and the creation of Monomoy Insurance Group.

Rogers & Gray Insurance is the exclusive agency for the Monomoy Insurance Group’s Homeowners Insurance product. Designed from the ground up and backed by the global reinsurance marketplace, Monomoy Insurance Group was created to meet the demand for Massachusetts coastal homeowners insurance and to serve the needs of underserved insurance markets.

The products available through Monomoy Insurance Group are backed by the Spinnaker Insurance Company, which maintains an A- Financial Strength rating from A.M. Best Company. The greatest benefit of having the Monomoy Homeowners Insurance product is to those clients who currently are with the MA Fair Plan.

Monomoy’s Homeowners product allows homeowners to purchase better coverage from a financially secure, admitted carrier, at a comparable or better price. Exising MA FAIR Plan (MPIUA) clients are seeing an average savings of 14% when switching to Monomoy.

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