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The TOP Factors Affecting Your Life Insurance Premiums

I receive a lot of questions from clients about Life Insurance, so I thought it might be worth highlighting the variables that go into calculating your Life Insurance premiums. For those that have previously obtained a quote for a life insurance policy or used an...

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Hurricane Safety

Along the Atlantic Seaboard, June through November is known as hurricane season. It's important to remember that both coastal and inland areas face the risk of storm surge, wind damage, and flooding. While you can’t stop a storm from coming – you can be...

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Why Life Insurance Makes a Perfect Father’s Day Gift

As a dad, you have many responsibilities and protecting your little ones is a top priority. You won’t be around forever, but you can plan to ensure if anything happens to you, your family will still be okay with a Term Life Insurance policy. You hope to live a long,...

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Survive the Hard Market: Commercial Property Insurance Tips

The current commercial property insurance market is challenging and is expected to become even more so, with insurance carriers tightening coverages, terms, and limits while raising rates due to the increasing occurrence of extreme weather events. However, business...

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Why Should You Insure Your Engagement Ring?

Valentine's Day was last week, and love is in the air. Did you get new diamond earrings? An heirloom necklace? Did you get engaged?! If yes, congratulations! Before the champagne and chocolates are gone, take the steps to protect and insure your new jewelry. At...

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