If I drive for Uber or Lyft, do I need different insurance?

The quick answer: Yes. A bit longer: When you drive for a ride-sharing service like Uber or Lyft, your personal auto policy will not cover you while you’re in service. In fact, if you don’t tell your insurer that you’re working for a...

What’s the FAIR Plan? Do I have any other options?

If you’re a homeowner in Massachusetts you may have heard of the Fair Plan, but what is it? The Massachusetts Property and Underwriting Association, now better known as the Fair Plan, offers homeowners insurance policies to those in the state who can’t...

Possible Lapse Approaching for National Flood Insurance Program

As of the writing of this message, Congress has not yet extended the National Flood Insurance Program, which expires at midnight on Tuesday, July 31st. The US House has passed a bill to extend the NFIP to November 30th, 2018 with no reforms....

My car was broken into, now what?

Having your vehicle broken into is an awful experience, it can cause damage to your car, the loss of anything inside, and it can leave you feeling unsafe. A car break-in is the most common crime in America, so while you hope it never happens to you, it’s...

Rise in Telehealth Utilization Presenting New Challenges

According to the American Telemedicine Association, in 2017, more than 20 million Americans accessed remote healthcare services. Many of these individuals are living in isolated or rural areas of the country and therefore may not have access to a...

Changes to the MA State DOT Markings Regulation

There has been a change to the Massachusetts State Markings Regulation 540 CMR 2:22 that will take effect on September 1, 2018 for all commercial motor vehicles that weigh 10,001 lbs. or more and are used in Intrastate commerce. The changes could affect customers that...

Why should Millennials get Life Insurance?

Millennials are a demographic known for being tech-savvy, in need of instant gratification and being buried in debt. And for many, having insurance on a $500 phone is the priority over insuring their own lives. I regularly talk with 20- and 30- somethings that are...

Rogers & Gray Announces new alternative to the MA Fair Plan for Homeowners

Rogers & Gray Insurance has announced that it now has a very competitive alternative for homeowners whose insurance coverage is with the Massachusetts Property Insurance Underwriting Association – commonly referred to as the Mass Fair Plan. The new option - Monomoy...

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