MA to Decrease Workers’ Compensation Rates

The state of Massachusetts has decided to buck recent trends and have settled on an impending decrease in workers' compensation insurance rates. This change will go into effect on July 1, 2018. The decrease will result in an average rate rollback of 12.9% on workers' compensation insurance rates. Most industries will see a decrease in their rates and some class codes related to Steel Erection work … [Read more...]

MA RMV Closing Notice

A notice from the MA Registry of Motor Vehicles. The RMV will be closed from 7pm on 3/22 to Monday 3/26  at 8am. Please read below if your company has a frequent need for RMV services.  From Thurs. 3/22 @ 7 p.m. - Mon. 3/26 @ 8 a.m., non-public safety services are unavailable and the RMV will NOT process transactions. The RMV is transforming its business processes and replacing its … [Read more...]

MCAD Issues Guidance on MA Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

On January 23, 2018 the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) issued its Guidance on Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA). The Act, which goes into effect April 1, 2018, expressly prohibits employment discrimination on the basis of pregnancy and pregnancy-related conditions. The Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce broke down both the employee and employer rights and … [Read more...]

Here We Go Again… Preparing for This Weekend’s Nor’Easter & Coastal Flooding

We can all agree that this winter has been relatively mild– as of late, many South Shore and Boston area towns have been enjoying 50°+ temps. But remember the terrible flooding that affected many Massachusetts towns back in January? Extremely high tides, full moon, strong winds, coastal flooding and a lingering storm? Unfortunately... forecasters are calling for a repeat of that this … [Read more...]

Do you worry about plane crashes too?

I had a moment a couple weeks ago. I was driving along thinking about an upcoming trip to California and as it often does when my husband and I fly together, I panicked a little bit about what would happen if our plane crashed with us both on it. A little ridiculous I know. We drive together all the time in the same car and we are far more likely to be killed in an auto accident than a plane … [Read more...]

Why Should You Insure Your Engagement Ring?

Valentine's Day was last week and love is in the air. Did you get new diamond earrings? A heirloom necklace? Did you get engaged?! If yes, congratulations! Before the champagne and chocolates are even gone, take the steps to protect and insure your new jewelry. Here at Rogers & Gray, we take a comprehensive approach when deciding the best fit for our client’s insurance needs. One very … [Read more...]

What is Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were in a car accident, and the other driver had terrible insurance or even worse, NO insurance? What if they drive off? That’s when uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage comes into play. A recent study by the Insurance Research Council estimated that 13% of drivers on the road are uninsured. That's approximately ONE in every EIGHT … [Read more...]

What happens if the NFIP expires?

January 19, 2018 UPDATE: Congress has not yet extended the National Flood Insurance Program, which expires at midnight tonight, Friday, January 19th. The NFIP continues to be tied to the Congressional Budget. If there is a government shutdown, the NFIP also shuts down. This will continue to be an issue as Congress intends to only pass short term extensions for the foreseeable future. We'll … [Read more...]

Are You Covered for Snow Removal this Winter?

We're digging out of the snow, slush and ice of 2018's first BLIZZARD aka Bombogenesis aka Bomb Cyclone, and winter is officially here. We've got some updates and advice for the many snow plow contractors out there who have been diligently cleaning up our streets and driveways... Before you hook-up your plow and sign up for snow plowing duty, be sure you have the proper insurance coverage. There … [Read more...]

Queen Elizabeth and Don Draper – Netflix has me thinking…

My latest binge watching has been season 2 of The Crown and Mad Men. I know, I know - I'm a little late to the Don Draper party but I was previously tied up with Sons of Anarchy and House of Cards and a girl only has so much time. Both of these shows have really gotten me thinking about being a female - both in the working world and out. It's likely top of mind because of the #metoo movement … [Read more...]