The TOP Factors Affecting Your Life Insurance Premiums

We receive a lot of questions from clients about Life Insurance, so I thought it might be worth highlighting the variables that going into calculating your Life Insurance premiums. For those of you that have previously obtained a quote for a life insurance policy or used an online calculator, you are likely already well aware of the different factors that affect those precious premium dollars. But … [Read more...]

6 Real Life Claims That Will Convince You That You NEED Umbrella Insurance

It is not always easy to think about the "worst case scenarios" in life, but it is necessary to make sure you and your loved ones are protected. Umbrella insurance is extra liability insurance. It is designed to help protect you from major claims and lawsuits and, as a result, it helps protect your assets and your future. We have some real life claims scenarios that will definitely make you … [Read more...]

Stay ALERT: What YOU Can Do to Prevent Distracted Driving

Around this time every year - between Memorial Day and Labor Day - the average number of deadly car crashes climbs 15% compared to the rest of the year. Over the past five years, more than 1,600 people were killed in crashes involving inexperienced or distracted drivers. “Statistics show that teen crashes spike during the summer months because teens are out of school and on the road” said Dr. … [Read more...]

Non-Profits & Volunteers – How to make sure both are protected!

Volunteers are the lifeblood of many nonprofits around the country – keeping organizations humming without adding much expense. Approximately 26% of Americans volunteer for a nonprofit, business or religious group each year. Bureau of Labor Statistics But are they protected – and is your nonprofit protected – against claims levied by volunteers? Reading through some claims scenarios culled … [Read more...]

Million Dollar Mulch Fires

For many, Memorial Day weekend is considered the start to the summer and usually signifies the beginning of the beautiful-yet exceedingly humid-New England summer weather. Even with all of the rain that we have had in Southern Massachusetts this spring, the public needs to be while mindful that areas are still DRY and caution should be taken when disposing of a cigarette, cigar or smoking … [Read more...]

6 Reasons Why a Career in Insurance is a Great Choice for Millennials!

When you think of insurance, you might picture funny talking lizards, relentless sales representatives and difficult claims adjusters. In reality, the world of insurance is much more vast (and exciting!) and there are hundreds of jobs that are vital to operations. Insurance is one of those rare industries that lets you combine your skills, talents, and interests and apply them to a wide range of … [Read more...]

Umbrella Insurance and Social Hosts

I originally wrote this post a few years ago and it was a tough one to write because I remember not wanting to be to "insurance - salesy" and I had some personal feelings on the topic. But I thought it was a good one to revisit after a few claims we've seen lately. In 2014 a 23-year old man, Mr. Craig Snow, was ordered to pay $2 million dollars in damages under the Massachusetts "Social Host … [Read more...]

Benefits of Safety Committees

Over a 30-year career working with all different types of companies — large, small, progressive, conservative, and most industry groups — I have seen firsthand the benefits an organization can enjoy as a result of supporting and fostering an active safety committee. For the most part I have seen and been part of several very successful committees, but I’ve also seen many failed attempts. In … [Read more...]

Protecting Your Assets When Serving on Non-Profit Boards

Becoming a member of a nonprofit board of directors can be a rewarding experience. The giving of your time, talent or treasure to an organization that you feel passionately about is truly a joy and can have a tremendous impact. Liability exposures can potentially threaten your livelihood and personal finances, though. When interviewing organizations (and yes, you should interview them just as … [Read more...]

Manage Healthcare Costs through Corporate Wellness Programs

With healthcare costs rising to a nearly unmanageable degree, many companies are looking for innovative ways to manage resources effectively and efficiently. Wellness programs – either through your company or on your own — are a great way to stay healthy, keep active and reduce your healthcare costs. Being active, keeping your body moving and eating healthy foods are a great way – and, really, … [Read more...]