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Why Life Insurance Makes a Perfect Father’s Day Gift

As a dad, you have many responsibilities and protecting your little ones is a top priority. You won’t be around forever, but you can plan to ensure if anything happens to you, your family will still be okay with a Term Life Insurance policy. You hope to live a long,...

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Survive the Hard Market: Commercial Property Insurance Tips

The current commercial property insurance market is challenging and is expected to become even more so, with insurance carriers tightening coverages, terms, and limits while raising rates due to the increasing occurrence of extreme weather events. However, business...

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Why Should You Insure Your Engagement Ring?

Valentine's Day was last week, and love is in the air. Did you get new diamond earrings? An heirloom necklace? Did you get engaged?! If yes, congratulations! Before the champagne and chocolates are gone, take the steps to protect and insure your new jewelry. At...

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Property Market | The Hard Truth

  WHEN MOTHER NATURE STRIKES YOUR INSURANCE CARRIERS' BOTTOM LINE 2022 is yet another year that has been shaped by the destruction of natural disasters — what were once outlierweather events have become the newnorm. To top that off, it’s been another year...

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Ho-Ho-Host Liquor Liability

With the holidays comes snow, shopping, wrapping, and, of course, parties. Parties are synonymous with the holiday season and they bring...

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Errant Golf Balls: Who’s at Fault?

Golf clubs and courses have a reputation of being idyllic and tranquil settings, oftentimes with views and landscapes that draw not only new members, but individuals looking to host special events like weddings with a beautiful backdrop and readily available...

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General Liability Exposures Every Organization Should Know

Almost every organization faces commercial liability exposures. A commercial liability loss exposure is a condition or situation that presents the possibility of an organization becoming legally and financially responsible for injury, harm or damage to another party....

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