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How does Umbrella Insurance protect you?

We posted an article recently on Teen Drivers that started quite a few conversations about Umbrella Insurance. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we can't stress the importance of an Umbrella Policy enough. An Umbrella Policy provides an additional layer of...

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Coastal Expertise: Flood Savings & Coverage Enhancements

With RogersGray you have flood insurance options. The federal government offers flood insurance coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and there are several Private Flood Insurance programs available as well. Nationally recognized flood specialist, Joe Rossi, shares some recent Massachusetts case studies.

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Commercial Driver’s License Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse

The Clearinghouse is a secure online database maintained by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that gives employers and drivers real-time information about CDL driver drug & alcohol program violations, thereby enhancing safety and giving drivers the tools for staying up-to-date on the information regarding their own drug & alcohol test results.

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Do you need Rental Car Insurance?

Picture this. You've landed at the airport and are about to embark on your long-awaited vacation, your last step before the fun begins is the rental car desk. You get there, the line is long, and when you finally get to the front of the line, the rental car agent...

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Does My Recruiting Strategy Need a Makeover?

In an extremely competitive job market, obtaining and retaining desirable talent in any organization is tougher than ever. In a climate where people are a hot commodity, addressing typical turnover through attrition is difficult enough, but employers focused on growth are especially challenged as they seek to increase revenue. RogersGray’s Talent Management Director, Amy Fleck, shares more about the steps RogersGray is taking to recruit and retain our team.

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Real Life Cyber Attack On Your Business

When taking part in the management of a condominium, it’s important to understand the complexities of the Master Insurance Policy for a Condo Association. The purpose of a Master Property Insurance Policy is to ensure that the Association has insurance in place to protect buildings, loss of income, condo fees, and business personal property.

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Current Threats for the Large Manufacturing Industry

There are many threats and considerations that large manufacturing firms must consider when doing business. Claims can be made against the manufacturer for many reasons. Your insurance covers some of these claims, but it can be costly to defend and settle lawsuits...

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Insuring Teen Drivers

One of life’s biggest milestones is getting your drivers license. When it comes to insuring a teen driver, there are a few options available to ensure the new driver – and their parent or guardian – is protected. Mike Redfield takes some time to break down the options in this blog post.

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The Changing Market for Real Estate Insurance

Property and casualty insurance rates are going up. While it’s news no real estate owner wants to hear, it’s the unfortunate reality of the current marketplace for real estate portfolio insurance.

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