The current commercial property insurance market is challenging and is expected to become even more so, with insurance carriers tightening coverages, terms, and limits while raising rates due to the increasing occurrence of extreme weather events. However, business owners and decision-makers can still take action to manage their risks and protect their bottom line.



  1. Plan ahead for your next renewal by developing a strategy and starting preparations at least four months before coverage is bound, or even further in advance if possible.
  1. Evaluate your risk tolerance, understand the amount of coverage you are purchasing, and consider different program structures.
  1. Use data and emerging analytics tools to your advantage and structure your carrier RFP to enhance your negotiating leverage.
  1. Reconcile all valuations and ensure that all assets are accurately measured before your renewal.
  1. Prepare a clear narrative that highlights the specific safeguards in place that make your property a favorable risk, as underwriters receive numerous daily submissions.
  1. Demand a detailed coverage analysis from carriers and conduct an audit of all policies to ensure adequate coverage that meets your goals.
  1. Implement a stewardship plan by regularly meeting with your broker to keep everyone informed of market conditions and what to expect at renewal.

Navigating the hard market may not be an easy task, which is why partnering with an experienced team of experts is essential. Work with an insurance broker who can embed themselves within your team and leverage their relationships with underwriters to help you find the right coverage at a reasonable price point.

In summary, while the current commercial property insurance market may be challenging, businesses can take proactive measures to mitigate risks and protect their bottom line by implementing the strategies outlined above and working with an experienced insurance broker.


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Matt Carnuccio

VIce President, Partner | Business Insurance

Matt is Vice President, Partner at RogersGray Insurance, specializing in real estate and property management. Matt works to help his clients design a risk management strategy that aligns with their own unique situations. He works with emerging and middle-market companies that have sophisticated liability insurance needs. You can connect with him on LinkedIn or by email

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