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OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard Guidance for COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate | November 8, 2021

The Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) on COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing was officially filed in the Office of the Federal Register on November 4, 2021.

The ETS specifies January 4, 2022 as the required date of compliance for organizations, and OSHA has stated that while the ETS takes effect immediately, they will seek public comment on it before the final standard is published in the Federal Register and the ETS becomes official.

Jenifer Pinkham, Founding Partner of Phifer Pinkham LLC, will join Jeff Bastien, RogersGray Partner, to discuss the new 490-page ETS and provide clarification on pertinent concerns for employers on Monday, November 8th at 3PM. 

Topics will include:

• Summary of new OSHA Guidance
• Policy considerations and updates
• Overview of OSHA provided materials
• Remaining questions and what this means for 2022

As the legislative landscape surrounding COVID-19 regulations continues to evolve, we are here to provide you with the most up-to-date information as it becomes readily available. If you have specific questions you would like addressed, please submit them during registration for our panelists to review prior to the presentation. Register today!


Jenifer M. Pinkham



The Future of MA Healthcare: Options for Employers and the Effect on the War for Talent | November 3, 2021

Since the late 90s, Massachusetts has seen health insurance costs almost double every 10 years including continuously rising copays and deductibles for employees; a trajectory that is not sustainable for any business.

Adding to the already challenging health care landscape, carrier consolidation coming in 2022 via the Tufts and Harvard Pilgrim merger will further shrink health insurance options leaving employers looking for scarce solutions. To combat this, RogersGray offers readily available alternative solutions that provide long-term cost control without sacrificing employee benefits. And with competition in the job market at an all time high, maintaining an attractive benefits package is imperative in the ongoing war for talent.

In our next RGU webinar, Justin Rosen, Vice President of Business Development with Reimbursement Associates Inc., will join Jeff Bastien and John Turco of RogersGray, for an in-depth discussion on these programs, as well as a multi-year case study highlighting how these options continue to positively impact RG clients.

Topics will include:

  • PFA program paired with an incumbent Fully-Insured health insurance carrier
    • Benefit design
    • YourRx Saver prescription analysis
    • Claims analysis and results
  • Self-Funded Captive program
    • Southern Scripts prescription analysis
    • Variable Copay Program
    • Wellness initiatives
    • First quarter results

As viable and affordable healthcare options are dwindling, don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about the programs available to you and how you can get creative while helping both your employees and your bottom line.


Workers Compensation: Managing the Risks, Controlling the Costs | September 15, 2021

Accidents are every employer’s worst nightmare, and dealing with the Workers’ Compensation fallout is a close second.

Having a good safety program may be your best preventive measure, but when accidents happen, your best protection is having a rock solid internal program in place to minimize the impact and control the costs of workers’ compensation claims.

Learn how to go about setting up such a program from one of the region’s top experts on the subject – Jill Scioli-Swygart of Stephenson+Brook, a firm that specializes in workers’ compensation risk management.

In her presentation, Jill will cover the following topics:

• Understanding the costs of Workers Compensation
• Building Your Workers’ Comp. Team
• Accident Investigation
• Supervisor’s Role
• Return To Work Considerations
• Data Review: Loss Runs/Trends/EMR/Bidding

Don’t miss this opportunity to get valuable tips on how to manage the risks and control the costs of workers’ compensation in your business!

Webinar Recording

Enrollment Solutions with New England Enrollment Strategies | September 1, 2021

Join Lori Martinez and TJ Hannon from New England Enrollment Strategies, one of the region’s largest enrollment firms and a general agency for Colonial Life, for a discussion on voluntary benefits, technology advances, benefit communication and enrollment support.

The webinar will cover the following key topics:

  • Legacy Voluntary Benefits products and their new importance in a competitive hiring marketplace
  • Newer offerings including Pet Insurance, Student Loan Debt Repayment Program, College Tuition Program, EAP via HealthAdvocate, Identify Theft, and more
  • Employee decision making tools including financial risk assessments and ongoing healthcare usage support tool
  • Benefits Administration Systems and how they can help streamline Open Enrollment
  • Mobile Technology and how it can change the Open Enrollment experience
  • Open Enrollment support through NEES

Webinar Recording

Virtual Workshop: Interviewing for Managers | August 11, 2021

Join Amy Fleck, RogersGray Vice President of Talent Acquisition & Development, for an interactive workshop designed to help managers effectively qualify or disqualify candidates for employment and simultaneously manage candidate expectations about the hiring process.

The workshop will cover the following:

• Elements of a successful interview and the proper tools to make it happen
• Methods of identifying candidates with the highest likelihood of performance success in a role
• How to develop tailored questions using effective questioning strategies
• Ways to identify, explore and address candidate pain points
• Best practices to avoid discriminatory questions during the interview process

Space is limited due to the interactive nature of the workshop. Registration will be capped at the first 20 individuals.

Webinar Recording

Branding 101: Effective branding doesn't have to be complicated—or costly! | May 19, 2021

Every business owner and corporate marketer dreams of that magic-bullet solution—if you can just find the right agency or “guru” to set up that lead-gen (or brand awareness… or new-product launch….) program, you’ll enjoy measurable and lasting success!

In an entertaining and innovative webinar, Dave Belyea and Larry Buckley—the creative leads at Jackrabbit—joined RogersGray Chief Marketing Officer, Lynn Mason-Small to discuss the latest digital and online collaboration tools and looked “behind the curtain” of an effective branding effort, using some of our own Rogers & Gray initiatives as a great example. They shared several “secret sauce” tactics and strategies that clients pay big bucks to learn from Madison Avenue.

Some highlights…
• What is a “brand” and what it is not
• The benefits and drawbacks of marketing personas
• Surviving in the age of content creation
• Assembling your internal/external all-star team
• Videos, webinars, and whitepapers… oh my! (What actually works)

Webinar Recording

PFA Overview | May 5, 2021

Steve Tardanico, Executive Vice President of Reimbursement Specialists, Inc. joined Jeff Bastien, Senior Vice President of Employee Benefits at RogersGray, to discuss how utilizing a PFA, or “Participating Funding Arrangement,” can help employers regain even more cash back into their businesses by controlling their health insurance costs. The PFA can help lower fixed costs and works alongside all major fully-insured carriers.

The discussion covered highlights of this unique funding mechanism, including:
• Premium savings for both the employer and employees
• Maintaining employee out of pocket costs; in some cases even enhancing them
• Multi-year client case study outlining how the “PFA Surplus” can offset future premium increases for long-term cost stability
• Programs including Rx Saver Program, Telemedicine, and Employee Incentive Programs
• “VWP” or Voluntary Waiver Program

Webinar Recording

Robotics Process Automation | April 14, 2021

Are your current company processes repetitive and redundant? If so, implementing a robotic process automation (RPA) solution may be the answer. Mark Carrick, Director of Business Process at RogersGray, and guest speaker, Steve Ronan, principal and leader of Citrin Cooperman’s Strategy & Business Transformation and Business Process Outsourcing Practices, review cutting-edge RPA technology to improve your company’s productivity and effectiveness.

This Webinar Reviewed:
– The concept of automation
– Understanding your business’ automation opportunities
– The process of implementing automation and what a successful implementation looks like
– A practical approach for getting started with your business

Also reviewed: Examples of RogersGray’s RPA process – and how implementing 5 BOT’s will save an estimated $175,000 and 4,300 hours of staff time annually.

Webinar Recording

COVID Update; Brief Look Back and Where We are Now | April 7, 2021

Jenifer Pinkham, Founding Partner of Phifer Pinkham LLC, and Jeff Bastien, Senior Vice President of Employee Benefits at RogersGray, reflected on the past year since the beginning of the COVID pandemic and what that means for us today

Topics Discussed:

  • Brief overview of the pandemic in general and the lasting impressions it will have on businesses
  • Best practices to prepare for future occurrences including policies/procedures, planning for disaster recovery and remote work
  • Legislation – then and now; FFCRA update from most recent stimulus
  • Return to work policies as occupancy limits increase and challenges bringing employees back to the office
  • Handling vaccines
  • Recruitment and retention with the new “remote” employee

Jenifer M. Pinkham

Webinar Recording

Phase 4 of MA Reopening Plan | March 17, 2021

Provided public health metrics continue to improve, effective on March 22, all communities in Massachusetts will move into Step 1 of Phase IV of the state’s reopening plan. This will open a range of previously closed business sectors under tight capacity restrictions that are expected to be adjusted over time if favorable trends in the public health data continue.

Jenifer Pinkham, Founding Partner of Phifer Pinkham LLC, and Jeff Bastien, Senior Vice President of Employee Benefits at RogersGray, discusses what this means for businesses as a whole, but with specific guidance on business sectors outlined since the pandemic starting including:

• Manufacturing & Construction
• Office spaces & Retail Stores
• Restaurants & Bars
• Lodging & Hospitality
• Museums, gyms/fitness centers & Small/Large Venues

The discussion also includes best practices for businesses as the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines hit the masses and details of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, the new $1.9 trillion bill that President Biden signed into law on March 11th, and the impacts it will have on businesses.

Jenifer M. Pinkham

Webinar Recording

Maximizing your Remote Team - Training Managers to Help Manage Stress & Mental Health | March 5, 2021

Following a dynamic conversation with business leaders from our Best Place to Work webinar, we are diving deeper into one of the major takeaways – helping managers maximize output for a remote workforce while balancing the stress and mental health issues brought on by the pandemic.

Join Sandra Kearney, CEO of Human Power Solutions, and Jeff Bastien, Senior Vice President of Employee Benefits at RogersGray, for an informational workshop on how businesses in MA can leverage the Massachusetts Workforce Training Grant to help subsidize these costs for businesses.

Topics Include:

• Express and General Grants: What businesses can apply and how much Grant money is available
• “Bridging the Distance” – Challenges and solutions for managing a remote workforce
• Combating “Digital Isolation” – Helping employees through Stress and Mental Health issues brought on by Pandemic

Webinar Recording 

Creating a "Best Places to Work" | February 3, 2021

Creating a “Best Place To Work” doesn’t happen by accident – it takes work, thoughtful leadership, trust, and patience.

In today’s environment, company culture is on the mind of every business leader – how do you maintain it, how do you enhance it, how do you promote it and how can you recruit to it. In this webinar, we are joined by fellow recipients of this prestigious award to discuss the steps taken by leadership in order to implement and sustain an award winning culture, what that means for recruiting purposes, and how you can best highlight your own company’s successes.

Topics Include:
• What does “Company Culture” mean to your organization
• How is culture reflected throughout
• Employee engagement; How to dig a little deeper to find out what really matters to your team
• Communication ideas; Best practices and new ideas during an increasingly remote world
• Building trust with leadership

Jeff Bastien, Senior Vice President of RogersGray, hosts our panelists Ellen Mann, Assistant Vice President of Human Resources at Arbella, Allison McEachern, Chief People Officer at RogersGray, and Jon Kujala, Senior Vice President of Operations at ALKU, for this unique discussion.

Webinar Recording

Political Climate - What's Next in 2021? | January 6, 2021

Deirdre Savage, Vice President of Government and Regulatory Affairs with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts, discusses the political climate for the new year as well as the changing administration and what that means for businesses.

Topics Include:
• Key takeaways from the 2020 election
• Early priorities for the transition and beyond
• COVID, Omnibus Spending Package, and more
• Major Health Provisions (non-COVID)
• Election implications on Health Care Policy

Webinar Recording