Really Awesome Act Nomination

 Hey Team Awesome…  

Have you been fully inspired lately by something a colleague has done? 

Have you been in awe of the way your colleague has handled a client situation or cared for a co-worker? 

Have you felt that a Really Great Co-Worker nomination just isn’t quite enough recognition for a truly outstanding act? 

Introducing… the Really Awesome Act 

Every day, we see examples of great service and comradery, but every once in a while there truly is something ‘Above and Beyond’ that needs to be recognized, encouraged and celebrated and the Really Awesome Act is the way to do that! 

Each quarter, the Senior Management group will anonymously review any Really Awesome Act nominations and vote on the one that is most impactful to the wonderful culture of RogersGray. The person who is selected will receive $500 and be entered in for a chance to win a $3000 vacation travel voucher for the top Really Awesome Act of the year!   

This isn’t your run of the mill RGC nomination folks – these nominations have to be worthy, exceptional, outstanding…just AWESOME!  The goal of this program is to highlight extraordinarily awesome acts of service to Our Clients, unwavering commitment to Our People and the building of Trust between the two.

The Fine Print: 

  • Nominations must be submitted through a Manager. Managers will have discretion on ensuring that the nomination is truly awesome!  
  • Minimum of 300-word nomination describing the Really Awesome Act 
  • Quarterly reward of $500 and a RogersGray Yeti for the most impactful Really Awesome Act.   
  • Selection process will be done anonymously by Senior Management team.  
  • Qualified nominations that do not receive the most impactful act will receive a RogersGray Yeti mug. 
  • All nominees will be recognized at the Quarterly Recognition in Gray Matter and the winner will be announced!  
  • The most impactful Really Awesome Act of the year will be recognized at the Annual Meeting and receive a $3,000 travel agency voucher.  Really Awesome Act of the Year will be nominated by the employees and selected by the Senior Management team.  
  • This does not replace the Really Great Co-Worker peer to peer recognition program.  

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