request an insurance quote

Not sure if raffen-freffen is really a word, but pretty sure I’d end up in the doghouse if I wrote what you might be saying when you click “submit” on a request a quote and don’t magically get a price for your insurance.

With shock and horror – you realize “Oh man, one of those insurance people are actually going to want to talk to me now!  What have I DONE?”

Yes, we know on the other sites you can get an instant price for your car insurance.  And you know what, that is really awesome and we would love to give that to you as well.  However, what insurance agencies do is take your info and then prepare it to be quoted for a number of different insurance carriers.  And yes, sometimes that takes more than 16 seconds.

But while you don’t get an immediate response, what you do get are competitive auto quotes or homeowners insurance quotes!  And by competitive, I mean more than one option, discounts applied and for more than a 6-month policy. 

So while we may not be able to satisfy your thirst for instant gratification (and really, I totally get that if you’re shopping on RueLaLa or Zappo’s) by helping you compare quotes, we try to get you the best coverage for you.  So be patient – in the end, it will be better for you.

PS – I’m taking  suggestions for subsititute “bad” words for future blog posts but keep ’em clean people…keep ’em clean!