appWhenever I’m in a city that Uber operates in, I can’t get enough. I open that app, find my car, check out my driver and BAM they’ve arrived ready to whisk me off to my next adventure.

No smelly taxi cab. Just small talk with a nice driver and the soft comfort of the backseat of a Lincoln Town Car or if I’m really lucky that day, maybe a Suburban.

Mind you however, that I work for an insurance agency in Massachusetts and daily, receive lots of emails from insurance industry publications. Recently (I was a little late to the game) one caught my eye about Uber and how they manage the insurance for the drivers who are essentially independent contractors.

Uber does offer Commercial Insurance Coverage of up to $1million of liability coverage per incident. Here’s their official insurance page:


So consider this – you and your fam are cruising through NYC in the back of an Uber town car when you get t-boned by another car. We all know this could happen in an instant in NYC the way those maniacs drive.

You’re hurt, your family is hurt and your driver is hurt. Off to the hospital you all go.

It’s a good start, but $1 million really just might not be enough to compensate you and your family for your injuries.

Technology is awesome. Uber is awesome. Financial Devastation is not. So what’s your take on this? Will you use Uber or other transportation network companies? It’s going to be difficult to break my Uber addiction. Do you feel $1 million of liability coverage is enough?

Next up – investigative reporting on the peer-to-peer ride sharing services like Lyft, RelayRides etc…!