teenage driversOh man…having a teenager is expensive.  They eat you out of house and home, insurance for teenage drivers is costly because they’re constantly getting in crashes, sneakers only last about 4 months until the next size up is needed, and don’t even get me started on activities and sports equipment!  Ay yay…it’s enough to put you in the poor house.

BUT – we still love them and if we can swing it, want to get out teenager a car that is safe, secure and reliable.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recently released it’s list of safe and affordable used car recommendations for teenage drivers.  If you’re the parent of a teenager and looking for the safest cars for teenage drivers – the whole list can be found here

The average cost of a car for a teenage driver was $5,300 and some recommendations were given in the article.

Avoid High Horsepower
Bigger, heavier vehicles are safer (although they do use more gas!)
Electronic stability control is a must

When it comes to crash test ratings, the cars in the “Best Choice” list have the top ratings in the IIHS tests.  And remember to reinforce the message about distracted driving.  No texting and driving (good lesson for all of us to remember).