Personal service is one of the hallmarks of RogersGray. We pride ourselves on the fact that when you need us you can call your Client Manager directly and we value the relationships we build with each of our clients. We try to minimize changes to service personnel, but if we need to make a change we take it very seriously. We wanted to ensure you knew the reasons why this may happen and what we do to ensure continuity of service to our clients.


The insurance industry is aging. In 2015, researchers found that there would be over 500,000 retirements in the industry by 2020. We’ve tried convincing our retirees to stick around, but they’re enjoying well deserved days on the beach and golf course.

This doesn’t happen too often, but we do have folks that move and are not able to work remotely. In some cases, they have left because of a spouse’s job and in others, they have chosen to move to warmer areas etc. And in the middle of January…we do not blame them!

Client Reassignment:
We actively manage the number of accounts that any Client Manager has assigned. We do this for our clients to ensure that our Client Managers can give clients the time and attention they need to provide excellent coverage and outstanding service. Every once and a while the number of clients per Client Manager gets out of alignment and we must make shifts.

Changes in staff:
We hire proactively in preparation for change. Once a new service employee graduates from our RogersGray University, they will be asked to take on clients to get to know and to service.  Although infrequent, there are also times when someone wants to move on from RG. This obviously isn’t ideal, but it is a reality for any business.

Change in jobs within RG:
One of the best parts of being a manager is seeing your team members grow and at RG we want this to happen. We encourage career growth and education, and we love to promote from within. The result is more engaged staff members, but in the short term, it may trigger a change in who is servicing your account on a daily basis.


Our management team is always at the ready for you and we are constantly focused on the following:

Highly Trained Staff
Our Client Managers are highly trained. We have a RogersGray University with dedicated trainers who work with our Client Managers to ensure they are “ready”. Ready means up to date on insurance processes and procedures, insurance products, changes to laws, regulations etc.… You will not find an insurance agency in our area that has better trained staff.

The Team Approach
Being a larger agency benefits our clients because we have a dedicated team behind each Client Manager. That means if someone is out sick – there’s someone there to cover. It means if someone leaves – we have a replacement. It means that if there’s a new Client Manager, that person has an experienced group of team members to assist them and our clients.  It also means that although you might have a favorite, we can serve you at any of our branches should the need arise.

Continuing Education and Designations
You’ll see lots of acronyms after our Client Managers names. While you as the insurance consumer may not know what each designation means, you can be assured they mean our staff values continuing their insurance education and expanding their knowledge. Throughout our staff, we currently have 74 designations and every team member at RG took continuing education classes through our RogersGray University in 2018.

Change is inevitable and in a people business like insurance, it’s incumbent upon us to be able to manage that change and ensure that we are not leaving our clients without effective service. We hope you see from the above that we take proactive steps to ensure change does not disrupt our clients’ protection. Please reach out to us at hello@rogersgray.com if you have any questions or feedback.