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​Whether you are cruising the coast in your 1955 Chevy Bel Air, showing off your 1967 Ford Mustang at a local car show, or participating in a track day in your 1999 R34 Skyline, Hagerty and RogersGray have you covered. Hagerty exists to keep classic cars on the road. No one knows classic cars and their owners better than Hagerty. They know how you treat your classic, what it means to you, and the lengths you’ll go to protect it.

Hagerty has created insurance policies for car lovers like us—who want the freedom to take the road less traveled in the car that isn’t driven every day. And because your car is not driven every day, premiums through Hagerty are lower on average than insurance on your daily driver. Your collectible car is unique from other cars on the road and the way it is insured should be too.

Hagerty Insurance Policy Features:

  • Guaranteed Value® – Using industry-leading tools to help you determine the true value of your classic, then create an agreed value policy that guarantees you will be paid every cent of your car’s insured value in the event of a covered total loss.
  • Low annual premiums – Hagerty only protects collectible vehicles that are not driven daily, so insurance policies through Hagerty provide better coverage at significantly lower prices than standard insurers.
  • Flexible usage – Whether you’re headed to a show, race, or the beach, you’re protected.
  • Knowledgeable service and exceptional claims handling – All employees and claims adjusters receive classic car training. They know how to value and rate your classic from the start, recommending coverage specifically for how you use it.

Your collectible is fun to drive, so why not hit the road?

Hagerty offers even more specialized protection and services that other insurance companies don’t.

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Question and Answers:

Q: What are Hagerty’s usage restrictions/guidelines?

A: Simply put, they want you to enjoy your classic vehicle. While there are some restrictions in the policy, you’re covered for pleasure use, whether it’s a drive on a gorgeous summer day, a trip to the ice cream shop, attending club events or going to shows.


Q: What is the difference between agreed value and stated value insurance coverage?

A: An agreed value policy—the same as a Guaranteed Value policy through Hagerty—guarantees that you will receive the full insured amount of the vehicle (with no depreciation, and including all sales taxes), in the event of a covered total loss.

In contrast, a stated value policy (sometimes called “stated amount” or “maximum limit of liability”) gives the insurer the right to pay you either your vehicle’s depreciated cash value amount or the cost to replace your vehicle—and they’ll choose the lower of the two amounts.


Q: When is an appraisal required?

A: Hagerty typically does not require appraisals. If they need further documentation supporting a vehicle’s value, they will contact you during the underwriting process.


Q: What if I can’t find the replacement parts for my damaged vehicle?

A: Hagerty has an on-staff parts specialist whose primary responsibility is to track down difficult-to-find parts. Hagerty has deep resources that extend way beyond the typical internet search or publications. So, if it’s out there, they can almost always locate it.



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