I clearly remember my father kicking me out of the car. I was about 17 and he was trying to teach me how to drive a standard…on the steepest hill in our town. I didn’t do so hot…and he finally just kicked me out and told me to walk home (we lived close). Nice.

While my dad may not have ranked high on the patience scale, he did teach me some good things about driving. Always steer into a skid. How to use my mirrors. How to avoid hydroplaning. How to pay my car insurance bill on time. How to check the oil.

What he didn’t have to teach me: don’t text and drive.

We didn’t have cell phones back in 1988 when I got my license. It’s downright frightening on our roads today. People are more distracted while driving, chatting on their cell and texting their buddies.

How do you teach them how incredably dangerous this is? (sidenote: if anyone knows how I can get this through my husbands head too, that would be appreciated)

So when I came on this bit of info, I thought it would be a good one to share Our partners, Safety Insurance, has partnered with Safe Roads Alliance and Travelers Marketing to develop the first “The Parent’s Supervised Driving Guide”. The guide provides detailed instruction for parents in helping them teach their teens how to drive and will be provided to all operators at the time they receive their learners permit.

It’s great and well worth the read. Even if you got your license in 1988.