qrcode_autoappWe are really excited to introduce RogersGray’s new iPhone App  for auto insurance customers!

Auto Insurance isn’t always the most exciting thing around, but this little App is getting us pretty jazzed up.  If you’re a RogersGray customer – you really should download it.  Go ahead…don’t be afraid!

The App allows you to:

  • Load all your auto policy info into the App – and just select your Client Manager for easy access to them
  • Guides you through the steps you’ll need to take as you document an accident
  • Provides accident tips
  • Automatically detects accident location, time and date
  • Allows you to photograph damage and record an audio description
  • Produces an accident report with attached photos that can be emailed right to your Client Manager
  • Helps you find local services in case of emergency – towing, repair shop, gas stations, hotels and more!

To download, scan the QR Code with your QR Reader or download here

Unfortunately, it’s currently not available for Droids, but we will update our website when and if that happens!

Safe driving!