This article just came out from Property Casualty 360 entitled “Protecting the Mayflower II, a Treasured National Vessel”. 

I know, I know…you’re all sitting around thinking “I already read Property Casualty 360 this month”  Just kidding – we know it’s only us insurance folks who read this website, but this article is REALLY COOL!  I promise.

All of us who grew up in New England have a deep-seated appreciation for all things Pilgrim related.  I clearly remember running around my nursery school in a paper pilgrim hat chasing the kids in the turkey hats. There was no getting away from the stories of the Mayflower, Christopher Columbus (I think NE is the only place on earth that still celebrates Columbus Day) and Plymouth Rock.

So it’s pretty exciting to insure cool things like the Mayflower II and Plimouth Plantation. Our Executive VP, Bob Bizak, explained in the article, the varying risk factors associated with protecting the Mayflower II both on and off land.

“The difficulties in insuring facets of a rare, 17th-century living history museum include its older structures, coastline and weather exposure, heavy foot traffic and exposure to valuable artifacts,” says Bizak. “When the ship is on land for repairs, our primary focus becomes the timeliness of the project, extent of the work and policy amendment.”

Insurance for floating museums…who woulda thunk.  Probably not good ol’ Chris Columbus!